I am a quintessential optimistic loser. Just trying to change the loser part....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Been awhile

So today I went to the studio for some personal meditation and some freestyling

What I had no expected was to get some answers

Dancing has always been my outlet, I dunno what I'd do without it. Its been with me through everything since like middle school, and though it wasnt til recently that I decided to take it a little more seriously (my life), I'm still proud of myself for keeping up with it

Funnily enough freestyling turned into some choreography. So far I've got a lil set for Lollipop- Big Bang ft 2NE1 and Uptown- Drake... GOD I LOVE SOREAL CRU. Why is Brian Puspos so damn nasty? Like, why did God allocate so much swagger into him when he was bein made up there....
I'm starting to get a hang of choreography, but I love freestyling more. Just gotta get more variety, and I need to not think to much, but feel it. I'm still having a problem with that. Once in awhile, I'll reach that mode where I can seriously feel the music. But thats usually when I dont have a mirror in front and I can see how fat I am....

DOOD. I need to lose some weight. Having a new girlfriend means I need to try..... Crap. And I gotta get some for school. I cannot wait til I get into college, and I can sorta live my life a lil more.....

Well the rest of the night will consist of drinkin some good ol' yeo soymilk, watch some Family Guy, study a lil, and sing my baby to sleep ^^

me at the studio. Couldnt find my damn camera, had to settle for my phone camera.... I need to record my choreography...

See you all later

Monday, October 26, 2009

New things

aint she pretty?

So how much has happened?


Christina left me for another guy ( to my understanding), and maybe this blog will help me.

I've found another girl, a girl that I really connect with. Shes an artist ><>

I got a class to teach i think ever saturday now, at a local chinese dance school. Should be fun


Its like love again. Falling in love. The first kiss. That time you sang to her. I think this is the first traditional relationship I've ever had. Maybe its because I have a car.... T.T

But this feeling is something I've never felt. I think they call this.... falling for someone. Shes just so... bright. So brilliant. So.... right?

Yea... so right

Schools kicking my butt, I'm gunna take care of all my problems and try to balance things out. I think I need a good nights sleep....