I am a quintessential optimistic loser. Just trying to change the loser part....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hmmm the flow?

So since the beginnin of this week i been out of commission, ie no practice. fucking sucks. Lost the flow alot, but i think i'll get it back little by little. Damn and i got work.

I hate Blakenship. Bald ass fucker needs to know his place, cuz he definitely aint my fuckin mom. Callin me out cuz i yawned, callin me out cuz i like to have good breath and chew a piece of gum. You bitch fuck, next time u tell me to fucking take the gum out of my mouth im stickin that shit onto your desk. Teachin me about responsibility, teachin me about success in life. Naw dont try

Maybe i dont know what success is. Maybe im bein to harsh. All i know is that im out of this fuckin dump excuse for a school. Outta cobb county, where half the people are out of touch of the world. Some little punk kids go to africa and help out, think they've suddenly experienced a harsh life. Naw, u got fed 3 times a day in africa, and you got a comfy bed, and malaria pills. That aint a hard life. Thats the life most of the people live for. If you got spare time to go to others and help them, then u aint livin a hard life. I'm not sayin i have, but atleast i know that. I hate cobb county.


Award for most cheeeese. Yeezy lol


Guess what?

I just made Georgia State!!!! Wheee!!! Which means im goin there!!!

Remind you of someone?



Anyways, yea its gunna be the bomb dizzle, think I'm goin out to celebrate today, might see if i can convince my parents to cop me somethin as a gift :X

Anyways yea, more updates later.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Best anime series ever

Samurai Champloo


"Some live, some die in the way of the samurai.

What a big influence for me.

Its just perfect. It really is.

Skytops for vaiders

I think I might sell my vaiders to get a pair of skytop black tuf. I need shoes to dance in, and vaiders arent cuttin it out for me. Maybe one day, I'll be able to afford shoes like a silly little bitch, but for now...

Shoe rant

I feel like alot of the shoe game has now become mad hype and retro-ing (ie nike). I feel like if they already released a shoe, buildin on that hype and restocking shit like copper's makes it really lame, cuz nowadays i see it like, everyone has a pair of shoes that was in some way a limited release. But as you go up the scale, all of a sudden we're lookin at the big sneakerheads. Its annoying.

And some of the shoes, especially air max 360's, maybe im not just not big enough of a sneakerhead to appreciate it, but its an ugly ass shoe, especially if u try and get it with an outfit. Sure i can appreciate shoes like kobe's cuz they made for bball, and jordans, man they just have extremely classic designs. But shit like the copper foams are just trash. Its a really ugly color. Sure i appreciate them for what they are, and thats basketball shoes, but as shit to rock on the street i think id feel kind of stupid. My dad used to say shoes are just shoes. Theres a right shoe for every moment.

And thats why i love Supra. Each shoe not only combines the ability to be worn in sports and for me dancing, but its somethin id definitely rock in a club. Supra combines wearability, looks, comfort, versatility, all into one package. Take the skytop black tuf, its the tuf material, great ankle support, i can wear it for dancing. Suprafoam is the greatest thing ever. But then again, i can wear that shit on the streets at night, and get compliments for it. Supra is really just on another level. Each shoe in itself is great.



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Money is the issue

So yep, its begun. I'm gunna start hockin shit for shoes. Namely supras. Sellin my Nike CL Dunk Denims for around 90 since they arent ds, buts till clean
Gunna sell some old brand new chucks black and yellow for maybe lik 40, not really what anyones lookin for, but whatever. And sellin either my ipod or my zune, since i have both.

shoes I want
Military Green Skytop Tuf
Purple Tie Dye skytop

Some odd colorways that not too many people like, but i find a bit of appeal in no one having em. I could get burg skytops, but everyone has those... T.T I need the military green's for dancing, the tuf is gunna be a life saver for all my other shoes....

i hate bein poor. Damn

Plan for today:
See if i got anyone interested in buying, check up on Cherry to see if she got my money
Finish work
Samurai Champloo

Thats right bitches. Samurai Champloo


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Update 2/21

Not been in a blogging mood lately, been sort of relaxing and thinkin.

So heres the update

Shoes- Skytop 2's are out of the picture, i really want a pair of tufs, cuz i could use em badly for dancing, my suedes cant handle the wear and tear anymore. White tuf looks really ugly especially against my gluestick colored legs.... So I've settled on military green skytop tufs. Too bad fuckin Wei still hasnt paid me. I feel like the past couple of weeks ive been chasing down people for crap that they owe me.... smh.

What else....

Sessioned with Cherry today, omgawd the weather was so good, and i didnt have a cig in hand to break in the new weather. So tomorrow imma skip the first 2 periods to finish and essay and buy some smokes. Yea its bad, but sometimes i just need some relaxin. I dont want it to become a habit again. I never really get addicted, it just feels good to have somethin to suck on no homo

But yea weather was amazing, so that 40 minute drive became me bumpin to two of my favorite summer songs. Fly by Sugar Ray, and Beautiful Day by FM. Talk about opposites. 10 year difference between the release of these two tracks, FM came about in my time, but Sugar Ray? Damn man i was just a kid, about 5 years old when Fly came around. I love how my musical taste can span this far. Anyways, session was good, Cherry is growin as a dancer, if anything at all shes picking up on some attitude which is what i stress alot. Monia couldnt make it, so we're definitely gunna have to make up for that. And Wei didnt give me money, so i hate him and Chen for that. Stupid asses. Ugh, i really wanted to order my shoes tomorrow... FUCK.

Anyways, yea nothin much, schools lazy, everythigns lazy.... yea


Monday, February 15, 2010

So many ideas

So many ideas.

School of Ultimate Dancers

Just a thought. Dancing is a little off, which means im gaining weight.

Supra Skytop 2 White tuf dropped today, gunna cop mine in a few weeks....

Got my shit back from James, fuck him no homo

What else. Gaining weight. not good....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dont wanna talk yet....

I dont wanna talk about dance right now. I've been sorta just experimenting and im not ready to present any findings....

Today we gettin off early, 1 hour actually cuz of winter weather warnings. Wdf? And LA thought it was weird to get tornado warnings....

Goin to perimeter with monia to buy jenn's bday present. Party tomorrow..... Am I lookin forward to it? Sorta....

Ionno what this means to me right now, but I know someday it will
"The motivation for me, is them tellin me what i could not be. o well"

I think someday I'll know what that means. I think I'm a hard worker. Actually I know so. I just havent put it to use to the things that are truly important. I dont wanna be caught up in superficial shit. I've always been one for satisfying my own tastes. I never cater to someone else, and i despise when people try to match my tastes.

Google got buzz... I still dont understand. I think its just twitter.....\

Anyways, I'll see if i can finally upload pics. I'm so lazy.

MT Basswalker out

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I'm extremely frustrated.

My overhaul for my freestyle is not going well. I feel myself slipping into repetitiveness. Because of my ideas of flow, I'm ending up repeating the same moves. I dont understand how to change it. This is going to take mad experimentation and crazy meditation.....

I hate it so much. I've been on such a short fuse because of this. Every little thing annoys me, and I have dedicated the little energy in my body to this, and I'm too tired to do anything else.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Lab 2/8/10

M.T. Basswalker is no more. Today it was back to the lab for another transformation. This week i will improve my freestyle to a new level. I will jot my notes down. Every session will start with stretching for 20 minutes, followed by music and inspirational videos such as Lando wilkins videos on itunes. Then will begin meditation. All the while i will be jotting down notes on what i meditate to make myself a better freestyler.

Todays notes

Become the music. Let the rhythm control you. As music plays, so does your body move. Don’t not move excesively as the beat does not move.
Each movement is connected to the next. Flow is key. Flow as in each movement logically and naturally connects to the next. Free yourself from conventional moves and easy fill in motions. Allow each movement its own liberty. This does not mean no repeating. It just means that there is no conscious repeating. Let the movements control you. Don’t focus too much on one movement or one body part. Let each body part move as one. Dance is movement of the body, not one specific body part.
The feet move as an extension of the body. The way that feet carry you around in daily life, allow your feet to carry around your movement, and with it give it life. The feet may have their time to shine, but usually they act as enhancers to your movements. Just has your feet keep your life moving, they keep the body dancing.

Simplicity is key. Too many movement clutters the original value of each movement. Each movement has meaning. Each movement is dictated by the rhythm and the beat.


Back again. Another monday. too bad i skipped my first three periods to finish a ppt i should have done last not had i not got back from the performance completely beat.

I'm kinda happy about it. First on stage performance. Could have done alot better, but im glad that i know now that i can go through that. Gotta work on facials no homo, and make sure i look up no homo :P Anyways, Imma put it on youtube later, class is about to start.

plans this week- practice more, clean up the routine, make a new routine for monia's class saturday that i'll hopefully help teach. Jenn's bday, gotta hit the mall friday to get her somethin... and maybe session at the studio with cherry and people if we can get it organized. Gotta stay on my A game.
Aquarium tomorrow, kind of excited, been awhile since ive been there.

Been into house lately. Check out "House" by House Rulez, and "Insomnia" by Humming Urban Stereo

but yea shout out to Monia Hicks, and southern poly for the theater, and thanks li qian and her entire choir for allowing us to perform in the show with them. Happy early chinese new years!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Night Before

So its the night before the performance. I'm excited. Probably not as nervous as i should be, but nevertheless kinda nervous. I've never danced on a stage before. So this is something that i'll eventually have to experience. I probably wont feel the fright til i get on stage. But I'll deal with that later.

I've realized im one of those guys thats, ionno sometimes to polite. U know how they tell you nice guys never get girls? Sometimes i find that true. I look back and i feel like i had so many chances, so many girls i had crushes on. But all i ever became was a friend. I wish for once, id meet a girl that because i was a friend, because i understood her, loved me for more than that. Its like with Christina, not only was she the girl i loved, she was the best friend i loved. Damn. She was once in a lifetime, and i blew it. I told her that id never love another girl. I feel like its gunna be true. Even now we have our differences, but i think to myself:"I really fuckin blew it. I really did." If i had the chance right now, id be with her in a heartbeat. Id say yes so damn fast id warp to another dimmension cuz id cause some kinda time barrier shit. But naw. I really wish id meet a nice girl though. And i have no idea where to start. Been so outta the game. I havent been single longer than a month for almost 2 years now. Kinda puts shit in perspective. So many girls right now, id love to just get to know em. But ionno where to start..... Whatever.

My mom told me before that when them time comes, it comes. Its fate. I hope.


Friday, February 5, 2010

When I got into sneakers

The other day, a friend asked me "When did you gett into sneakers?", because i commented on a facebook post she had of air jordan alpha 1's (which are ruining aj1 for me.....) She lives in LA, moved a few years ago, so its been awhile since we've seen each other. I've changed alot. Especially since freshman year. I've developed a sense of independence and a streak of isolation, that honestly has suited me well. Thats not to say that I dont like a crowd, but its just if im alone, whatever.

But yea, when did i get into sneakers? I'll have to say maybe about a year ago is when i religiously got into sneakers, and just fashion in general.

Top shoes

Supra Skytops- My regular dance shoes
Supra Societies- Fuck Yea
Supra Vaiders- Everyday wear
Puma First round- Classic shoes, just comfy and good lookin
AJ3- elephan print, comfortable, amazing design. My favorite nike shoe... probably

Clothing brands-
Orisue- FTH
Hanes vnecks

so yea.
Fashion changes with the seasons, but a sense of fashion never does.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


"She's Gone" G-Dragon ft Kush

Just wanted to start off with that. Its a good song

Anyways, yea my Societies came in yesterday, and i got my supra white leather skytops, a few days ago. Not as exciting as societies though...

Got the show on Sunday, preparing with Monia every other day, its pretty fun, and I'm excited. Getting the costume stuff together is kind of a pain, but its whatever.

Hmmm really nothin much, just been focusing alot on the show, so I'll figure it all out, then pictures after the show Sunday if i get a chance


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So I'm a bit late right? But who cares, i finally got em. I was stuck between the newer colorways or old ones... But i had to get these before they really ran out of my size. so without further ado

With the matching Baby Milo hoodie. Pffffft

I'll update tomorrow at school, goin to bed. PEACE

Monday, February 1, 2010


My dads coming back on Wendsday morning, so I'm looking forward to seeing him. I havent seen him in like 2 weeks. Miss pops.

Anyways, weekend was alright, makes me kinda wonder who are my actual friends. But yea Ryan came over, danced a lil, Monia came Friday, danced a lil bit. We got our work cut out, got the performance Sunday, its gunna be scary...

Gotta do some costuming shopping/ clothes shopping later this week. Gunna be a badass outfit, think I'm gunna save my societies for that performance. muaahahaha.

Not much to say, hope my dad brings back some of the stuff i asked him to buy.