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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Lab 2/8/10

M.T. Basswalker is no more. Today it was back to the lab for another transformation. This week i will improve my freestyle to a new level. I will jot my notes down. Every session will start with stretching for 20 minutes, followed by music and inspirational videos such as Lando wilkins videos on itunes. Then will begin meditation. All the while i will be jotting down notes on what i meditate to make myself a better freestyler.

Todays notes

Become the music. Let the rhythm control you. As music plays, so does your body move. Don’t not move excesively as the beat does not move.
Each movement is connected to the next. Flow is key. Flow as in each movement logically and naturally connects to the next. Free yourself from conventional moves and easy fill in motions. Allow each movement its own liberty. This does not mean no repeating. It just means that there is no conscious repeating. Let the movements control you. Don’t focus too much on one movement or one body part. Let each body part move as one. Dance is movement of the body, not one specific body part.
The feet move as an extension of the body. The way that feet carry you around in daily life, allow your feet to carry around your movement, and with it give it life. The feet may have their time to shine, but usually they act as enhancers to your movements. Just has your feet keep your life moving, they keep the body dancing.

Simplicity is key. Too many movement clutters the original value of each movement. Each movement has meaning. Each movement is dictated by the rhythm and the beat.

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