I am a quintessential optimistic loser. Just trying to change the loser part....

Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year, New Things

Soooo yea. This party was full of ups and downs. The New Years started off really bumpy, first 15 minutes, my mom knocked over a glass of champagne, Ashley's mom fell down dancing, and Chris almost knocked our over our hanging lamp. However, once everyone got a lil drunk, the madness started

Lets get some details down first. There are two groups. The young ones, and then the parents. The parents do the whole old school couple dance. They dont know "our" style of dance. Gettin crunk, gettin jiggy. So, me and Xiao get the idea to bring down my laptop and hook it up to the speakers, and we get a real party started. At first it was kinda iffy with the parents cuz we jerkin, and they're just starin at us like we retarted (no pun intended). So then I put on Cupid Shuffle, and Ash tried to get all the parents involved. And one thing led to another, the kids taught the adults how to do the Cupid Shuffle. Imagine about like 6 or 7 40 or 50 year old, some 60 year old Chinese people, born and raised in China, moved to America, doin the Cupid Shuffle

My parents are cooler than your parents.

After that, the adults wanted me to dance. They know I dance, but they dont know to what extent. Recently I had been practicin Where U At, and I only knew like up to the chorus. So I put it on, dance, wow them, and then Chris was like keep goin!!!

So I did

Freakin, it wasnt the best freestyle ever, but it was enough to impress them T.T

Yea I just watched the video. I have terrible posture. I suck. I need to lose weight, otherwise I look really bad dancing. ><
But mainly posture. One of my many new years resolutions. Get better posture. Lose weight and get a better body.

Get better grades



Anyways, awesome ways to start the New Year. Thank you everyone.


Party about to Start!

This year's party, kinda special to me. No outsiders. Just the close fam. Except minus Kevin. But in a way thats kind of an improvement. Him and Kerry unbalance the scale, as much as i love them new

Ha thats in age order.

To all the close fam that I miss,
Kevin W.
My family in China, xiao gu, er gu, wen wen, na na, ma le, ye ye, lao ye, chen gu fu,
I miss you all. Have a Happy New Years.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

22 hours and 8 minutes

Thats how long we have til we enter the year of 2010. I'm pretty excited. I'm gunna be either too tired or possibly too hung over tomorrow to write any deep shit, so I'm gunna start now. I've sort thought about doing an accomplishments regrets type thing, so here I go

- Becoming serious about dancing.
- Meeting new people
- Getting my first car

Yea honestly thats all I can think of....

- Losing C******* to that bitch ass K****.... Yea hopefully she doesnt read my blog....
Btw that actually leads to another accomplishment, which is moving on ^^
- Fucking up school
- Losing my best friend. Eric, one day I'll make up to you, brother. I'm sorry.

Honestly, I feel like each of my failures has led to a small adjustment in my life, thats made me better as a person. And isnt that what its all about

Chris, I'm lookin back at all the shit thats gone down with us. And I'm not gunna lie, I'm sore. I'm sore about all that shit that went down. I know you didnt like that I took my anger out on you, but then you could have given me a warning. Out of no where. Just 2 days before that we were gettin freak in your dorm. Is that some pity thing? Ionno. I may not be good with girls, but you sure the hell arent good with guys. You said I love you to K after 3 months? And probably before that? Come on. What kinda bullshit is that. Either you give yourself up to easily, or you were lying to me, and you and Kenny had some shit goin on way before you left me. But its whatever. I'm looking forward to you fucking up all that. I'll be your friend, I might even see you at college next year. But if you ever read my blog, and you see this post, remember this. You just lost the best thing thats ever happened to you. You lost a guy that geniunely cared about you.

Eric.... My da ge. I dont think I've ever connected with a Chinese guy like you. Sure at some times it seemed forced, like just because we were two Chinese guys in a sea of hate, we had to hang. But through all that shit and forcin it, I found a guy that I look up to. Yea. Imma admit that. I looked up to you alot. My parents told me that I tried to justify me not bein good at school as an excuse. But when I saw you, you werent usin an excuse. You believed in what you said, you're actions never faltered on your words. Through and through, you were a real man. I feel bad that I lost you, and if theres ever a man that I'll ever shed tears for, its my dad, and then its you. I really lost a brother. I didnt realize it then, and I regret it. And cause of you, I know hate having people take advantage of you. I dont know what to say man. I know I did that, and I dont know why. All I know is that I'm sorry. And when the time comes, I promise I'll make it all up to you. I love you, da ge

My parents. Yea. Sorry.....

School.... Fuck it....

James. You son of a bitch. I hate you so damn much. You're ever trait is so damn over bearing. You're conceited as hell. Get it into your head man. You aint that pretty. Shit, everyone was agreeing with me, that you gettin into JYP or anything was total crap. You might suprise us, but none of us can see you as that. But through all that, our personalities just compliment each other. You give me self confidence, I keep you from going overboard with yourself. Ying and Yang. You my hyung for life, my korean brother. Thanks.

Anny.... Anny.... Anny.... I wanna hate you, but I know that I love you. You are undoubtably one of the coolest girls I've ever met. I know sometimes I take it too seriously, and I'm sorry. You helped me through my other problems, and I've grown to love you for that. You're one badass artist, and I hope you get GHP. And yes, I'll always remember the one golden rule: "Anny is always right"

Anyways, yep. Fashion sense has changed alot this year. Fuckin Far*East Movement, FM. You guys got me into my current fashion sense. Cuz now I got a Fetish for these kicks, and Fetish for these jeans, a Fetish for my hoodie, got have it, I'm a fiend.

dance inspirations
Lando Wilkins (Bang Jenkins! You da best freestyler to ever walk this planet)
Shaun Evaristo (All I gotta say is, Where U At? Nuff said. You beast fucker you...)
Ryan Feng (House AND Popping? You my friend are a genius)
Brian Puspos (In the immortal words of James: "Brian Puspos oozes swag out of every pore on his body)

Thats it!

Everyone have a Happy New Year! Hopefully Im still awake enough tomorrow to write.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This Christmas break was pretty fucked up. I'm beat, tired, tomorrow is the first day without a party, and I'm still fuckin goin out. Parties here and there, and i used to complain i didnt go out enough.....

So lets catch up. I dont remember the specific days for all the parties, but all I remember is meeting so cool new people, founding out i fucking kill at pool, and finding more dance fam ^^

Christmas party. Basically this mind game, Cerebro? Cerebellum? Cerebral Cortex? Some brain game ionno wtf it was called. It was me hs senior, Chris M.D, Josh vs GT Student Ashley, GT Grad Xiao, Brian vs a hs sophmore, hs junior, and a 10 year old girl. Guess who won T.T. I figured out the standard Chinese karaoke machine has more songs that i know than i thought i did, so basically it was a David Tao marathon for all the guys. Met some new people, really cool, and tried to teach Xiao some dance moves. Hes the Cwalkin/bbal king, but other than that he cant move....

Also had good hotpot at Auntie Wu's house. Chris went, also met some kick ass people. Never had so much fun with people who were almost all atleast 10 years older than me.

Also went to go chilll with James. He got a speedin ticket, honestly kinda funny....
Met up with two girls, Umezuno's, legit Japanese food. Went karaoking, akward as usual since I'm the only one who doesnt speak korean. That was grown man steez night for me and James, so we looked on point. You know I had to rock an all black outfit with the black suede Vaiders.

Also went to the outlet, got me a bair of leather sneakers from Kenneth Cole. Looks like canvas, but its leather. Straaaaight.

And yea, New Years party at my house with the entire Chinese fam is gunna be awesome. Play some games, chill, and countdown.

Speakin of which, New Years is approaching. Everyone ready?

Sunday, December 20, 2009


This weekend was more eventful than all my weekends in the last few months combined.

1. Bought my new Supra's at ambush. I was gunna get the tie dye purple skytops, but they didnt have my size (size 11.5 or 12 hint....) so i just got the Black Suede Vaiders. Not complainin though, they hella comfortable, and classy.

2. Picked up Azya from her shop, went to the mall, met up with some kids (her friends) I think Bryan, Joanna, And Kevin. Sky was there too, that buff ass kid. Apparantly breaking up with Stephanie made him obssesive with working out. I wish I had that kind of motivation to exercise.... FUCK

3. The kids piled into my car, and we headed over to Rusans! Saw Phong, but apparantly she goes by Adrian now. Havent seen her since I dated Jessica. Shes Sandy's big sis, so yea it was cool seein her.

4. Dropped the kids back off at the mall, and took Azya back to her house. And right when i get home, its off to another thing for my dads old company.

5. The dinner was crazy, this 20 dollar asian japanese, korean, chinese buffet. Actually, it wasnt that great, the old Badayori was better.... There was one guy though, goin OFF! Like, 10 plates of food, the amount that gets you kicked out.....


1. Met up with James and went to the studio. Cherry wanted James to teach her some more popping, shes really into it. I just practiced. Got some good practice down, and for once, a mirror didnt kill my style. Just gotta maintain it, and i'll be happy. I really like where i am right now.

2. Went over to Hanssen's house ( right down the street) to hang with him, Supum, and Mark. The usual suspects. Anyways, played some Halo 3, Supum is a douche with the Banshees, then played some rock band, then watched Catch Me if You Can, Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. BADASS MOVIE. Cant believe I never watched it.

3. Then went to Abdallah's, havent seen him in awhile. Hung out with him, slept over.


1. Played some CoD MF with Abdallah, went to Chili's with him and his bro, Aladdin. Pretty fun, only Aladdin almost got us kicked out cause he didnt take his ADHD medication.... crazy ass fucker.

2. Went home, did this and that, then for dinner, a bottle of bekseju, some tombstone pizza (BEST), and some watermelon. Fell asleep at like 7, and like 3 people called me and kept wakin me up.... CHERRY, JAMES, ABDALLAH.... you fuckers.... And yea woke up, and here I am!

Tomorrow- Practice with James and Tim, gunna see how the battle situation with Runaway Crew reps work out, then hopefully me and James got that gig at Cherry's mom's work. FUN FUN FUN WEEK

Everybody stay safe, and get your Christmas shopping done early!


Friday, December 18, 2009


So goin to Rusans soon, but first makin a stop by ambush to up my steez. Yea suckas


Then dinner with my pops at this reunion thing for his old company. I used to help out there when I was a little kid, so in a sense I'm part of the fam. It was a small operation, like 2 guys in Taiwan, my dad in the US, and he had a secretary/saleswoman and a British guy named Louis who was pretty cool. I wonder if they still remember the boss's little kid whod ride his scooter around the warehouse. Yep. Those were the days.

Anyways, finals went well, and hopefully I wont be too busy to update. So yea

Everyone stay safe! Get ready for Christmas, and then the New Year!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

One more day

One more day til schools out. Plans for tomorrow after the last exam?

Hopefully hit up Ambush or somethin and step up my shoe game (more Supras!) Just another little kid tryna look cool with 100 dollar shoes. To think that just a few years ago I was rockin the same pair of nike canvas and nike cl dunks almost a year ago. I think I gotta thank Ben Baller for gettin me into Supras.

Then Russans with Azya, Chun li, and Stephanie. Woooohooo. Never been there before... I dont even think thats what its called. Ruso's? Rusans? W.e....

Sunday I got practice with Cherry and maybe James. Soooo yep. This is gunna be an awesome break.

Wish me luck on the fuckin final tomorrow. Peace

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finals Week

Finals Week
Yea... Nuff said

Leave everyone with a picture

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Its getting close

This school semester is coming close to its end. Next week is finals week, then it'll be Christmas, then before you know it, it'll be a new year. It's been one crazy year. It's been one of love, heart breaks, new loves, new friends,new interests. All I gotta say is, that if you told me to go back and change one thing i wanted to, I wouldnt change a damn thing. This year has been big for me, as a person. I feel like I've grown so much this year, and that i really took this year to do some big things for myself.

Hope everyone has a last good few weeks of 2009.

Back to work!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some Random Thoughts

So I've got some thoughts I'd like to get down, just as a reflection

- I need to stop eating so damn much
- My style is progressing, I feel like I'm reaching a point where I can get a little bit confident
- Mtume- To Be or Not to Bop (Whether We Funk or Not) is my new favorite freestyle song
- I wanna start a youtube channel for FOB, and I think I'm, gunna get my first bit of footage today, and upload the first video this weekend. Since its class tonight, its perfect.
- School.... Ugh just dont even.

Thats about it.

Some new things this week
- Alot of new music: Snoop Dogg's Malice N Wonderland. Buy and support. Also Mtume, found my old Twins CD, Some jerkin music thats pretty fun.
- Found a jacket I've been looking for awhile.
- Trying to work on choreography, gotta organize the class so that its fair to me and James.
- Anny.... ^^

Aite. Well class tonight, I'm looking forward to it.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy and Frustrated

As the title says....

Busy with:

Frustrated with:
Not smoking
Everything in general

However, I'm gunna try and expand on my dance class by bringing in James from now on. We sort complete a ying yang thing with each other to make the class fun and intense. So yea, good stuff. But my freestyling is lacking. Its like u get to some point where ure body just cant move. Thats where I am. But when i slump, i like fureals slump. Like i cant move. And i gotta work on my posture. alot. I have terrible posture when i dance. Thats my biggest weakness in my opinion.

School, one more week til finals, so i gotta work. I'll definately keep up with the blog alot more after school ends.

Have fun, stay safe.