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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy and Frustrated

As the title says....

Busy with:

Frustrated with:
Not smoking
Everything in general

However, I'm gunna try and expand on my dance class by bringing in James from now on. We sort complete a ying yang thing with each other to make the class fun and intense. So yea, good stuff. But my freestyling is lacking. Its like u get to some point where ure body just cant move. Thats where I am. But when i slump, i like fureals slump. Like i cant move. And i gotta work on my posture. alot. I have terrible posture when i dance. Thats my biggest weakness in my opinion.

School, one more week til finals, so i gotta work. I'll definately keep up with the blog alot more after school ends.

Have fun, stay safe.

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