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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

22 hours and 8 minutes

Thats how long we have til we enter the year of 2010. I'm pretty excited. I'm gunna be either too tired or possibly too hung over tomorrow to write any deep shit, so I'm gunna start now. I've sort thought about doing an accomplishments regrets type thing, so here I go

- Becoming serious about dancing.
- Meeting new people
- Getting my first car

Yea honestly thats all I can think of....

- Losing C******* to that bitch ass K****.... Yea hopefully she doesnt read my blog....
Btw that actually leads to another accomplishment, which is moving on ^^
- Fucking up school
- Losing my best friend. Eric, one day I'll make up to you, brother. I'm sorry.

Honestly, I feel like each of my failures has led to a small adjustment in my life, thats made me better as a person. And isnt that what its all about

Chris, I'm lookin back at all the shit thats gone down with us. And I'm not gunna lie, I'm sore. I'm sore about all that shit that went down. I know you didnt like that I took my anger out on you, but then you could have given me a warning. Out of no where. Just 2 days before that we were gettin freak in your dorm. Is that some pity thing? Ionno. I may not be good with girls, but you sure the hell arent good with guys. You said I love you to K after 3 months? And probably before that? Come on. What kinda bullshit is that. Either you give yourself up to easily, or you were lying to me, and you and Kenny had some shit goin on way before you left me. But its whatever. I'm looking forward to you fucking up all that. I'll be your friend, I might even see you at college next year. But if you ever read my blog, and you see this post, remember this. You just lost the best thing thats ever happened to you. You lost a guy that geniunely cared about you.

Eric.... My da ge. I dont think I've ever connected with a Chinese guy like you. Sure at some times it seemed forced, like just because we were two Chinese guys in a sea of hate, we had to hang. But through all that shit and forcin it, I found a guy that I look up to. Yea. Imma admit that. I looked up to you alot. My parents told me that I tried to justify me not bein good at school as an excuse. But when I saw you, you werent usin an excuse. You believed in what you said, you're actions never faltered on your words. Through and through, you were a real man. I feel bad that I lost you, and if theres ever a man that I'll ever shed tears for, its my dad, and then its you. I really lost a brother. I didnt realize it then, and I regret it. And cause of you, I know hate having people take advantage of you. I dont know what to say man. I know I did that, and I dont know why. All I know is that I'm sorry. And when the time comes, I promise I'll make it all up to you. I love you, da ge

My parents. Yea. Sorry.....

School.... Fuck it....

James. You son of a bitch. I hate you so damn much. You're ever trait is so damn over bearing. You're conceited as hell. Get it into your head man. You aint that pretty. Shit, everyone was agreeing with me, that you gettin into JYP or anything was total crap. You might suprise us, but none of us can see you as that. But through all that, our personalities just compliment each other. You give me self confidence, I keep you from going overboard with yourself. Ying and Yang. You my hyung for life, my korean brother. Thanks.

Anny.... Anny.... Anny.... I wanna hate you, but I know that I love you. You are undoubtably one of the coolest girls I've ever met. I know sometimes I take it too seriously, and I'm sorry. You helped me through my other problems, and I've grown to love you for that. You're one badass artist, and I hope you get GHP. And yes, I'll always remember the one golden rule: "Anny is always right"

Anyways, yep. Fashion sense has changed alot this year. Fuckin Far*East Movement, FM. You guys got me into my current fashion sense. Cuz now I got a Fetish for these kicks, and Fetish for these jeans, a Fetish for my hoodie, got have it, I'm a fiend.

dance inspirations
Lando Wilkins (Bang Jenkins! You da best freestyler to ever walk this planet)
Shaun Evaristo (All I gotta say is, Where U At? Nuff said. You beast fucker you...)
Ryan Feng (House AND Popping? You my friend are a genius)
Brian Puspos (In the immortal words of James: "Brian Puspos oozes swag out of every pore on his body)

Thats it!

Everyone have a Happy New Year! Hopefully Im still awake enough tomorrow to write.

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