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Thursday, December 17, 2009

One more day

One more day til schools out. Plans for tomorrow after the last exam?

Hopefully hit up Ambush or somethin and step up my shoe game (more Supras!) Just another little kid tryna look cool with 100 dollar shoes. To think that just a few years ago I was rockin the same pair of nike canvas and nike cl dunks almost a year ago. I think I gotta thank Ben Baller for gettin me into Supras.

Then Russans with Azya, Chun li, and Stephanie. Woooohooo. Never been there before... I dont even think thats what its called. Ruso's? Rusans? W.e....

Sunday I got practice with Cherry and maybe James. Soooo yep. This is gunna be an awesome break.

Wish me luck on the fuckin final tomorrow. Peace

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