I am a quintessential optimistic loser. Just trying to change the loser part....

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

fuck me...

Aite, so i definitely should be finishing up this econ project, but fuck it, i feel a random urge to blog for no reason.

Some stuff happened yesterday, my dad bein my dad. Yea. I love you Haha, so dont worry

This last week is gunna be some major bullshit. But i feel like since its the week before spring break, i should put in the effort and see it as a challenge. Thats called me bein mature. Lookin for challenges like this. Diggin it.

So apparantly, in Ringgold, I'm considered to have swag. To me its not swag, its steez. I got my own steez, and whatever anyone considers swag, good for them. But this just me bein me. So yea. Maybe I'm just awesome.

Anywayssss, need to start this econ shit. Hopefully i work hard this week, get my dad off my back, and then I can have an enjoyable spring break.

Monday, March 29, 2010

1 week til...

Spring Break! Not that I ever do anything or ever want to.

Got paint on my lrg v neck. Hella pissed.

Really happy mood = always hungry.

I'm just ecstatic. Man thats the only fuckin word i can use to describe it. I love affection, but this time its not love for affection but love for her. Its just like. Damn. Maybe I'm young, but its one of the few times i can see the future.

Not much to say. Just kinda really fucking happy with life right now, hope this shit keeps up for a bit.

Hopefully this week will be a breeze so taht I can enjoy spring break.

And yea, I'm considering talking to James.


Sunday, March 28, 2010


March 27th. I dont think I really need to talk about what went down, because I know I'll always remember what happened. Like I said before, this blog is for me. I write to keep memories that i can one day read. This memory. This day.... I dont think i need anything to remember it.

But there are some funny things id like to remember

Somethings that I'll always cherish:

Seeing her for the first time
Alabaster is not a name
Vortex's to the Florida end of I-75
And that :)

Cant wait to see her again.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


My Tufs are getting murdered. I need an extra pair. One for daily, one for dance. And no, I will not wear the vaider black suedes.

2 days

Rain comeback april 1, hyori april 2. Lets see whos is better. I'm vying for Hyori. Its been so long since shes done somethin, I'm sure shes got lots of tricks up her sleeves.

Gettin my haircut today... T.T This is going to SUCK. Not really. Its summer, gotta get my summer buzz on. Might even be a punk and get some racing stripes.

Anyways, yea Saturday is gunna be amazing. I'm ready. One more day, and its gunna be a long one. Got shit for Stat, got an econ ppt i gotta finish, gotta finish analyzing candide. But its all worth it.

Make ya self, dont break ya self. FM


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Counting down days

Still counting down the days.

Update: I am off again. Gasp.

I really want a pair of raw selvedge. Japanese. PBJ...

Nothin much to say. Camera cable came in, so hopefully taking more pictures as time goes along, or maybe not at all. Why did I even get a camera to begin with?
Finally decided to bust out my old huck gee kidrobot collab tee, the pink dunny one. Shit is fresh, but a lil small on me.

Saw some kid withn Yeezys at school. And they are in fact real. If theres one thing I can a appreciate, its classy fellow in a sea of punks. Kids need to get off that 60 dollar nike dunk bullshit. Its quality over quantity. Nobody cares how many pairs of dunks you got, if they general release, then you're a bitch nigga. I've seen this kid around, hes got class. North face limited release backpack, rockin fresh shit everyday. cement grey jordan 3's, space james, yeezy tans, yep this kid is someone i respect. Not to mention hes an amazing basketball player. Ryan Harrow, walton high. Look that shit up. 5'11 that has mad ups and handles. May need time to mature, but he's got the raw talent and basic skills.

Anyways... I'm still here with kidrobot, supra all day, everyday, true religion jeans and gshock. Step up kids.

Imma go before i start soundin like a real bitch, so yea

Counting down the days... Not counting today, thats 3 days. I love you, ja gi ^^.
Learn asian motha fuckas.

Aite til next time
"KYAH!!!!!..... BITCH!" look at me quotin Boondocks.


Monday, March 22, 2010


Talkin to my special girl....
Schools doin alright, I'm startin to get a grip, especially with anticipation of this Saturday, goin up to Ringgold which is near the Tennessee border to see her.

These past few days have just been a blur. I've just been so fun. I'm not one to be caught up with girls, maybe for the exception of Chris noona, but damn. This girl is really the one. Hopefully. how old am I? ><

So forgive me if i dont write as much, cuz basically everyday will be: Today i talked to Hara. The end.


Friday, March 19, 2010

RIP Nujabes

Just gunna start off and say RIP Nujabes. The man recently passed away. So yea. Inspiration to hip hop fans all over the world, especially me. Being one of the main producers for the music for Samurai Champloo, you had a giant influence on me. Japanese hip hop has always been a big inspiration for dance for me. So yea.


No more drama for your mama


Fit today:
White vneck
Lavender colored hoodie from heritage
Mighty Healthy denim
Black tuf skytop

DAily life right?

Hopefully i can get some shoe goo today at either target or the shoe store. If a shoe store doesnt have shoe goo i swear to God I'm gunna kill somebody.

Btw the reason I dont talk about the girl here, i just dont think i need to write about it because I'm always gunna remember this shit. But just one note. She makes me so damn happy.

Btw, (finally) listening to Drunken Tigers "Feel Ghood Muzik" album. Like seriously listenin to it. Its awesome.

Btw... Team RSOSA.... Just an idea.

And yep, one more week!


Thursday, March 18, 2010


Nana na na nana na, im gunna start a fight

Lol. I dont even know why i got that stuck in my head. Must be the Daywalker vs Bang Jenkins video (peep on youtube), Landizee is sick no matter what.

Anyways, imma keep goin before i really start dickridin.... Whats new....

Mighty Healthy Leanord Slim Fit are my new favorite jeans, that is until someone buys me a pair of pbj, nudie, or evisu. But yea, I'm clownin on these punks at school. Note to every lil fobby asian kid: I know what Fape is. Dont make me call you out. And also, having a pair of 80 dollar hi top nike dunks that are general release is nothin to it. You show me a pair of limited releases or somethin other than the swoosh, maybe I'll give you credit. Man. Theres one black kid though, he copped the black on black croc nike dunk, and shit is clean. I can dig anyone that does the funeral look. So yea props to that kid. But back to fobba asian kids. Havin three pairs of nike dunks doesnt make you a sneakerhead or a fashionista. And Fape is a definite no-no. So you kids need to watch and learn. As a wise man once said: "Yo colors too bright, yo jeans are too tight." There you go. Aint nothin wrong with slim fit. But when u cant wear boxers with em anymore, or New Boyz is callin u up, then theres a problem :D

..... Hara..... Which is ironic because Goo Hara is one of my favorite Kara members, after Nicole (drool). Yi Hara. (YI HA!) LOL... Man. I dont wanna make any assumptions, but yea, i can see myself in ten years, her buggin me because i bought a new pair of shoes. I love that girl. Yea. I really do. I dunno what fate has in store, but I know that if it were up to me, we'd be together forever. Yea thats a bit immature for me to say, and unrealistic, but a man can dream cant he? Yes he can

You know you a fly asian when u got multiple black people in a really suburban white town complimenting your fit. Too bad they aint on the Supra game yet. Step it up.

And btw, yo nigga is almost back to 175. After that the goal is to get back to my original weight of 165. And maybe start workin out. MAYYYBE. But probably not.

My wifey is dance, my mistress is Hara. I think thats how its gunna work out. Or if we do this polygamy, my two wifeys are dance and Hara, and my concubine is fashion :X

Btw, Far*East Movement, FMonyourdial, they goin on tour in Japan with the one and only, Lady Gaga! Bit props to them for all these years. If ya'll dont know who they are, they are basically the new big thing in the pop/ hip hop scene. I've been with them since day one, and day one i dont mean Folk Music, I mean Audio Bio, Food Fight ft Jin. They doin big shit after Animal dropped an Girls on the Dance Floor got major airtime around the country, but i cant say I'm a little disappointed that they movin away from the Cali roots. They more into the whole pop scene, with their new album set to drop soon from Cherrytree Records (LMFAO, Lady Gaga, Space Cowboy). They're old music (Folk Music) was by far one of my favorite albums. Top 10 rap albums. Mainly cuz they asian, and they breakin barriers. But hip hop is colorless, and Folk Music told struggles of us first Generation asian kids who are tryna make it big in somethin thats not traditional. They spoke to me. All the asian american people who doin that nonconventional shit, Ben Baller, WongFu, Quest Crew, David Choi, FM, you guys are big inspirations. God bless.

I dont think I've ever said God bless. They say that you not only should ask God for help in troubled times, but thank God for the good times. Why am I only thanking him? I dont know...

Aite. this was a long ass post. I'm just rambling.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lazy Tuesdays....

So this week sucks except for just a few things ^^ Late nights...
Gunna go up there next saturday.... ^^

Its a bullshit week with a load of work, but something just keep me goin... or keep me distracted....

Whats new.....

Jay Park got a youtube account... Taeyang is awesome. Nas and Yeezy are my favorite rappers right now. What else....

I need to get shoe goo, my tufs are worn out as fuck...

Why do i post randomly when i got nothin to say?

Raw denim coming in tomorrow, dunno when my camera cable is coming

Why do i post when i got nothin to say?????


btw, Its Basswalker, Megatron if you nasty

I feel like such a sappy little kid. I havent felt this way in a long time. I've never just stared at a person like this. I think its love. Foreal. I mean, just lookin at her just makes me smile. And I've never met her before. Is that bad? Is this destiny or something? Maybe.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun ass weekend

Awesome weekend. Best in a long time

Saturday, went to lunch at Panera with Rachel, Malvika, Jimmy, Star, Christy, and Christina. Basically a portion of the old group. Fun time, we went to borders, wandered around, and I went home early and chatted with Hara (^^) for a little bit. Shes so intruiging, she can do sign language! Her friend is deaf, so basically we typed, and ionno. Somethin about that is so damn appealing. Anyways, Christy and Christina came later, and we chilled, chatted with Hara, goofed off, waiting for Ryan to come over. Ryan got here, and we went to my garage to session. The did jack shit, so i just got my groove on and practiced. Then I was like fuck, you guys need to do something. So I got a cypher goin, Ryan just doin whatever, Christina bein boring. So I'm like i need to up the ante. I decide to start clownin, get in there face. Since they both breakers, I toprock, clownin them, gettin them mad. Got them both kinda hyped. For a girl, and for the time shes been breaking shes not that bad. So yea. Sunday, oovoo'd, danced, dinner. It doesnt seem like that great of a weekend, but its just been awhile since I've had the company of others like this, since i usually dont like to go out. So this was a change of scene, and i gotta say, ive missed these guys alot. Thank you

Yep another school week. fuck....


Friday, March 12, 2010


Stay on the grind...?

No, just a lil punk tryna make some money for the swag. I have been so into Bape lately, and if anyone knows anythin about the shoe game, yea.

And if you dont know, IT MAKES SUPRAS LOOK LIKE TRASH. Atleast the price. So yep, I've decided that tomorrow before I session with Christina noona, and Christy, Imma go on a first part install job-hunt. Man. This is one of those times when i wish i had mentorship or you know like some older friend to help. But now, asian teenagers are all bums, and our parents buy everything for us. YEA. I SAID IT. AND ITS TRUE. I feel like asian kids like me dunno what its like to be on the grind. I got some experience hustlin, you know just doin what i can to buy all my shit. But in the end, its petty cash. I need a solid job. Sometimes bein on the grind just aint the safest way to live. I guess thats the predicament when it comes to bein a dancer, there isnt a sure guarantee unless you foreal got like a solid teaching job. Thats called grind. And someday, i hope to live that kind of lifestyle. But for now, Imma let my parents take care of my livin, and imma just get money to keep up my spendin habits, which are seriously ruinin my goddamn life.

Ohhhh, and ionno if i already wrote about this, but imma say it again. Damn....
I feel like shes the kind of girl I've always looked for. Confident, but humble. Passionate, but rational. How long have i known her? 2 days motha fucka. But still, ionno. Ive never met an asian girl this passionate about dance. Maybe more passionate than me. I feel like she jjust so real u know? And its like, I'm giving this so much hope just cause I've never thought it possible. Maybe thats just me being hopeful. Am I askin too much? Is asking for the perfect girl just asking a little too much?....

But yea. Again. I NEED MONEY. "Oh shit that I need money." "He no talk, how come he" "I need money, hes a mute." Thats the second time today I've quoted How High. The other was bufu. "Buy us, fuck you!" Love that shit. Method Man and Redman.

Uhm what else. Oh yea. TODAY. lol.... Well basically Chris noona came to visit, so i escorted her around the school, went to visit Mr. Adams, then went to go see Camp. Went to the mall, got a new sweater (T.T smh), and yea. I WANT BAPESTAS, BAPESTAS, BAPESTAS. Fuck, christmas is already over. Damn that. Sayuka was there, havent seen her in ages, my boy Ryan. Hope he goes to the session tomorrow, it be dope to see him and Chris go at it, too bad I make em both look like PUNKS! haaaa but seriously id dominate them.

Man I've just realized, this blog is probably not meant for anybody to read. Cuz seriously if anyone ever read this shit... T.T I'm lucky i never have labels or tags. And that I'm not really the worlds most popular person :P, butchyea..... i just quoted Ashleyy jie there. butchyea.

Aite, wish me luck on the job hunt. shit....


Thursday, March 11, 2010

I might be in love

I think I might have just fallen in love. I dont know what the girl looks like, I think she lives somewhere near the Tenessee border, and something about her dancing and the way she treats it is just intruiging.

And lucky me, my big sis Chris's boyfriend is friends with her. I dont understand fate or destiny, but damn.

I dont know how to explain it. I saw her descriptions on youtube, and i feel like she takes dancing the way I do, you know? Like, its not just a hobby, its a lifestyle. She dances sexy, but then its like bam out of no where, some footwork reminiscent of me. She moves with conviction, here and there knows how to shake it, and then back to the music. Damn. I'm gunna contact her via youtube, and I dont know what I'm gunna say. Cuz its like, at this point, I'd be happy just to session with her. And the funny thing is, before i saw her video i was just thinkin about how i wanted to marry an asian girl who danced, and had the same passion for dancing as i do. And then i found her. Ionno, I just couldnt believe it. I didnt know a girl like that existed. Maybe thats why I'm so obssessed with her right now. Because I want to know that girls like that exist. I think I'm just gunna tell her what i saw, and that I'm really impressed and amazed, and that I wanna session with her. Ionno. I dont wanna be all akward and shit, but I feel like if there was anything called fate, this is it. What are the motherfuckin odds. You dont find asian girls who dance around here as seriously as I do. They may say they do, but they just frontin to look cool, ya know? But shes different. Through her movements, I see the energy, the passion, the dedication. I need to meet her. I need to.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You got me runnin runnin runnin awayyyyyy

Yes, new Epik High album has dropped!
to download, but if you're a good person, then you will go find them on itunes, and buy their albums

Favorite songs, Wordkill, Over, and Run. Epik High, even without DJ Tukutz, released an awesome album. Allkpop is calling it a "dark" album. Silly bitches. This is real rap, real hip hop. They dont need to be classified under your pop generalizations. They are experimenting. TYVM

This week has been kinda boring, ordered some new earrings online, and hopefully they come today

School has been buggin me. I cant take Blankenship and Campagna. Campagna maybe, but Blakenship is just a dick. The other day, he actually had the gall to tell me to stop draggin my feet along the ground, cuz its bad for posture. Smh. That dude walks like he has polio, back all bent lookin like hes about to fall forward. Man, fuck him...

Anyways, dance has become alot more fun these few days. Experimenting around. Just freestyling foreal

Yea... Supra tufs are the shit, literally water proof. But i dont get the difference between water resistant and water proof, cuz the Gunnys are water resistant, i dont get that. Anyways, I'll post later this week.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Say whats real

Everyday I'm gettin worse,no doubt
that years of fakenes and hateness are payin off
This is what i wanted, i wanted to have clout
To blow the steam and work off landos top
I became a carbon copy of what i saw as the best
I didnt think to seperate myself from the rest
Instead i jsut created a whole other mess
I heap of somethin that aint me, sincerely
Id give those days back if i could just have a chance to be that
one who improvised, devised a plan to be someone
Another guy that people would hate on
But now look at this.Everyday its gets worse
And training isnt an option, because the ugly truth hurts
It hurts deep inside to know that I'm not what i want
And before i get to stuttered up to speak.
I'm just gunna say this one time, and be at peace
I'm a dancer first, a person on the side
I define myself trough my dance, so no lie
One move after another, thats not how to live
You need to dance with yourself, and thats it.

I need to move with myself. I cant keep copying what i see. I miss my roots. I miss what i was. I miss being somethin that i am, rather than somethin that i see.

Friday, March 5, 2010


So the other day i was talkin with monia online, and I came accross a realization
I've never been much for a connection with the music rather than musicality. In terms of rhythm. I guess its because I started off popping. Much of what i do is based around the freedom of freestyle dance. I prefer freestyle over choreography. I find it challenging, I find that it trains not only my body but my mind. But then theres the thing.
I feel like maybe i take dance too seriously. Monia was talking about how its for fun, i should take it easy. I then thought about how dance and freestyle to me is a lifestyle. Its a philosophy. She jokingly told me how i was like a ballerina, and how they are always hard on themselves about training and perfection. I've never thought myself to be a perfectionist, far be it. Maybe a little ocd, but never perfection. But I've realized. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my dancing. I analyze it the way a scientist analyzes an enzyme. I feel this allows me to appreciate many dancers more. The down side of this is that I'm never pleased with what I do. I feel like that negativity makes me worse. I honestly dont know how to solve this. Its like one giant vicious circle.
Whatever the solution, I've realized that when I say I'm gunna go dance, that means I'm going to go train. Train my self as close to perfection as I can. Which to me is Keibee.... His dance philosophy is like the holy grail key to unlocking the true potential of any freestyle dancer. All I can say is flow. I cant really point specifically, and I dont know how to apply it.

Speakinn of which, JBWKZ coming to Georgia Southern University in statesboro in april, hopefully my friend will remember to buy me tickets on monday. I'm gunna go with Monia ^^ Its gunna be kick ass

Another rant, hopefully nobody reads this part... Damn fuckin kids these days.
Take the most innocent girl you know, virgin skin, pretty eyes, beautiful face, and yes nice body. Now all of a sudden she gettin fucked on the regular by some scum bitch ass nigga (excuse my language). This punk... I dunno. I feel bad for Azya, and for Stephanie. But ya'll hold tight. She'll come around. If I was religious, I'd pray. All I can do is wish you guys luck.

Anyways, 2 new shoes this week! Supra skytop black tuf and OG Supra Skytop green camos. Fiyaaa... And ordered my first pair of raw denim jeans. Gunna be hot when i get em. Gunna have to wear some gay shoes so i dont bleed on em. fuck.

pCe out, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its only been a day

Its only been one day, but i feel like its been so long. So much is happening, yet so little. I guess most of it is just personal thoughts. Just I'm always thinkin, but I never writing anything down. Bad bad bad

Anyways, my black skytop tufs came in. I think I've given up on pics, atleast until i get a cable for my camera.

Goals for this week
- Order the cable
- Fill out GSU stuff
- Buy a atleast 1 pair of new jeans, atleast one Cheap Mondays.
- Do all my school assignments
- Write on this blog foreals atleast once

I'm sorta coming together with my wardrobe for college. Gotta keep flossin. Yup. Supra all day. And whatever u know, keep it real, keep it simple.
I'm lookin forward to GSU.

I'm proud that I've kept up this blog. You know, I dont care that nobody reads. Thats not the point for this. I wanna look at this someday in the future and see how much I've changed, how much my life has changed. And what a great point to start. I started basically after i ended stuff with Christina, and its a great transitional period in my life. But yea. Proud of myself. Lets just hope Blogspot doesnt disappear one day, imma be fuckin pissed.

Anyways, pce

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update 3/2

So I dont think I've ever gone this long without writing.

So I'm definitely goin to State, but its been a lil shaky. I wanna livin in an aparmtnet my first year, but my parents want dorms. And thers no arguing with them. I dunno. Im gunna listen to em this time. We got in a pretty big arguement last night over it, and if u know me, Ive got a quick temper. So i feel bad everytime i get in a fight with my parents.
They are disappointed in me, i know it.

If my parents ever see this, or in the future. I'm sorry Mom and Dad.

New shoes comin today! Supra skytop black tuf
I ordered some skytop green camo ogs! Heck yea!