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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Counting down days

Still counting down the days.

Update: I am off again. Gasp.

I really want a pair of raw selvedge. Japanese. PBJ...

Nothin much to say. Camera cable came in, so hopefully taking more pictures as time goes along, or maybe not at all. Why did I even get a camera to begin with?
Finally decided to bust out my old huck gee kidrobot collab tee, the pink dunny one. Shit is fresh, but a lil small on me.

Saw some kid withn Yeezys at school. And they are in fact real. If theres one thing I can a appreciate, its classy fellow in a sea of punks. Kids need to get off that 60 dollar nike dunk bullshit. Its quality over quantity. Nobody cares how many pairs of dunks you got, if they general release, then you're a bitch nigga. I've seen this kid around, hes got class. North face limited release backpack, rockin fresh shit everyday. cement grey jordan 3's, space james, yeezy tans, yep this kid is someone i respect. Not to mention hes an amazing basketball player. Ryan Harrow, walton high. Look that shit up. 5'11 that has mad ups and handles. May need time to mature, but he's got the raw talent and basic skills.

Anyways... I'm still here with kidrobot, supra all day, everyday, true religion jeans and gshock. Step up kids.

Imma go before i start soundin like a real bitch, so yea

Counting down the days... Not counting today, thats 3 days. I love you, ja gi ^^.
Learn asian motha fuckas.

Aite til next time
"KYAH!!!!!..... BITCH!" look at me quotin Boondocks.


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