I am a quintessential optimistic loser. Just trying to change the loser part....

Monday, March 29, 2010

1 week til...

Spring Break! Not that I ever do anything or ever want to.

Got paint on my lrg v neck. Hella pissed.

Really happy mood = always hungry.

I'm just ecstatic. Man thats the only fuckin word i can use to describe it. I love affection, but this time its not love for affection but love for her. Its just like. Damn. Maybe I'm young, but its one of the few times i can see the future.

Not much to say. Just kinda really fucking happy with life right now, hope this shit keeps up for a bit.

Hopefully this week will be a breeze so taht I can enjoy spring break.

And yea, I'm considering talking to James.


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