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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Nana na na nana na, im gunna start a fight

Lol. I dont even know why i got that stuck in my head. Must be the Daywalker vs Bang Jenkins video (peep on youtube), Landizee is sick no matter what.

Anyways, imma keep goin before i really start dickridin.... Whats new....

Mighty Healthy Leanord Slim Fit are my new favorite jeans, that is until someone buys me a pair of pbj, nudie, or evisu. But yea, I'm clownin on these punks at school. Note to every lil fobby asian kid: I know what Fape is. Dont make me call you out. And also, having a pair of 80 dollar hi top nike dunks that are general release is nothin to it. You show me a pair of limited releases or somethin other than the swoosh, maybe I'll give you credit. Man. Theres one black kid though, he copped the black on black croc nike dunk, and shit is clean. I can dig anyone that does the funeral look. So yea props to that kid. But back to fobba asian kids. Havin three pairs of nike dunks doesnt make you a sneakerhead or a fashionista. And Fape is a definite no-no. So you kids need to watch and learn. As a wise man once said: "Yo colors too bright, yo jeans are too tight." There you go. Aint nothin wrong with slim fit. But when u cant wear boxers with em anymore, or New Boyz is callin u up, then theres a problem :D

..... Hara..... Which is ironic because Goo Hara is one of my favorite Kara members, after Nicole (drool). Yi Hara. (YI HA!) LOL... Man. I dont wanna make any assumptions, but yea, i can see myself in ten years, her buggin me because i bought a new pair of shoes. I love that girl. Yea. I really do. I dunno what fate has in store, but I know that if it were up to me, we'd be together forever. Yea thats a bit immature for me to say, and unrealistic, but a man can dream cant he? Yes he can

You know you a fly asian when u got multiple black people in a really suburban white town complimenting your fit. Too bad they aint on the Supra game yet. Step it up.

And btw, yo nigga is almost back to 175. After that the goal is to get back to my original weight of 165. And maybe start workin out. MAYYYBE. But probably not.

My wifey is dance, my mistress is Hara. I think thats how its gunna work out. Or if we do this polygamy, my two wifeys are dance and Hara, and my concubine is fashion :X

Btw, Far*East Movement, FMonyourdial, they goin on tour in Japan with the one and only, Lady Gaga! Bit props to them for all these years. If ya'll dont know who they are, they are basically the new big thing in the pop/ hip hop scene. I've been with them since day one, and day one i dont mean Folk Music, I mean Audio Bio, Food Fight ft Jin. They doin big shit after Animal dropped an Girls on the Dance Floor got major airtime around the country, but i cant say I'm a little disappointed that they movin away from the Cali roots. They more into the whole pop scene, with their new album set to drop soon from Cherrytree Records (LMFAO, Lady Gaga, Space Cowboy). They're old music (Folk Music) was by far one of my favorite albums. Top 10 rap albums. Mainly cuz they asian, and they breakin barriers. But hip hop is colorless, and Folk Music told struggles of us first Generation asian kids who are tryna make it big in somethin thats not traditional. They spoke to me. All the asian american people who doin that nonconventional shit, Ben Baller, WongFu, Quest Crew, David Choi, FM, you guys are big inspirations. God bless.

I dont think I've ever said God bless. They say that you not only should ask God for help in troubled times, but thank God for the good times. Why am I only thanking him? I dont know...

Aite. this was a long ass post. I'm just rambling.


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