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Friday, March 19, 2010

RIP Nujabes

Just gunna start off and say RIP Nujabes. The man recently passed away. So yea. Inspiration to hip hop fans all over the world, especially me. Being one of the main producers for the music for Samurai Champloo, you had a giant influence on me. Japanese hip hop has always been a big inspiration for dance for me. So yea.


No more drama for your mama


Fit today:
White vneck
Lavender colored hoodie from heritage
Mighty Healthy denim
Black tuf skytop

DAily life right?

Hopefully i can get some shoe goo today at either target or the shoe store. If a shoe store doesnt have shoe goo i swear to God I'm gunna kill somebody.

Btw the reason I dont talk about the girl here, i just dont think i need to write about it because I'm always gunna remember this shit. But just one note. She makes me so damn happy.

Btw, (finally) listening to Drunken Tigers "Feel Ghood Muzik" album. Like seriously listenin to it. Its awesome.

Btw... Team RSOSA.... Just an idea.

And yep, one more week!


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