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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

fuck me...

Aite, so i definitely should be finishing up this econ project, but fuck it, i feel a random urge to blog for no reason.

Some stuff happened yesterday, my dad bein my dad. Yea. I love you Haha, so dont worry

This last week is gunna be some major bullshit. But i feel like since its the week before spring break, i should put in the effort and see it as a challenge. Thats called me bein mature. Lookin for challenges like this. Diggin it.

So apparantly, in Ringgold, I'm considered to have swag. To me its not swag, its steez. I got my own steez, and whatever anyone considers swag, good for them. But this just me bein me. So yea. Maybe I'm just awesome.

Anywayssss, need to start this econ shit. Hopefully i work hard this week, get my dad off my back, and then I can have an enjoyable spring break.

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  1. hope things become the way you want them to be :)
    always here for you <3