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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I might be in love

I think I might have just fallen in love. I dont know what the girl looks like, I think she lives somewhere near the Tenessee border, and something about her dancing and the way she treats it is just intruiging.

And lucky me, my big sis Chris's boyfriend is friends with her. I dont understand fate or destiny, but damn.

I dont know how to explain it. I saw her descriptions on youtube, and i feel like she takes dancing the way I do, you know? Like, its not just a hobby, its a lifestyle. She dances sexy, but then its like bam out of no where, some footwork reminiscent of me. She moves with conviction, here and there knows how to shake it, and then back to the music. Damn. I'm gunna contact her via youtube, and I dont know what I'm gunna say. Cuz its like, at this point, I'd be happy just to session with her. And the funny thing is, before i saw her video i was just thinkin about how i wanted to marry an asian girl who danced, and had the same passion for dancing as i do. And then i found her. Ionno, I just couldnt believe it. I didnt know a girl like that existed. Maybe thats why I'm so obssessed with her right now. Because I want to know that girls like that exist. I think I'm just gunna tell her what i saw, and that I'm really impressed and amazed, and that I wanna session with her. Ionno. I dont wanna be all akward and shit, but I feel like if there was anything called fate, this is it. What are the motherfuckin odds. You dont find asian girls who dance around here as seriously as I do. They may say they do, but they just frontin to look cool, ya know? But shes different. Through her movements, I see the energy, the passion, the dedication. I need to meet her. I need to.

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