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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its only been a day

Its only been one day, but i feel like its been so long. So much is happening, yet so little. I guess most of it is just personal thoughts. Just I'm always thinkin, but I never writing anything down. Bad bad bad

Anyways, my black skytop tufs came in. I think I've given up on pics, atleast until i get a cable for my camera.

Goals for this week
- Order the cable
- Fill out GSU stuff
- Buy a atleast 1 pair of new jeans, atleast one Cheap Mondays.
- Do all my school assignments
- Write on this blog foreals atleast once

I'm sorta coming together with my wardrobe for college. Gotta keep flossin. Yup. Supra all day. And whatever u know, keep it real, keep it simple.
I'm lookin forward to GSU.

I'm proud that I've kept up this blog. You know, I dont care that nobody reads. Thats not the point for this. I wanna look at this someday in the future and see how much I've changed, how much my life has changed. And what a great point to start. I started basically after i ended stuff with Christina, and its a great transitional period in my life. But yea. Proud of myself. Lets just hope Blogspot doesnt disappear one day, imma be fuckin pissed.

Anyways, pce

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