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Friday, March 12, 2010


Stay on the grind...?

No, just a lil punk tryna make some money for the swag. I have been so into Bape lately, and if anyone knows anythin about the shoe game, yea.

And if you dont know, IT MAKES SUPRAS LOOK LIKE TRASH. Atleast the price. So yep, I've decided that tomorrow before I session with Christina noona, and Christy, Imma go on a first part install job-hunt. Man. This is one of those times when i wish i had mentorship or you know like some older friend to help. But now, asian teenagers are all bums, and our parents buy everything for us. YEA. I SAID IT. AND ITS TRUE. I feel like asian kids like me dunno what its like to be on the grind. I got some experience hustlin, you know just doin what i can to buy all my shit. But in the end, its petty cash. I need a solid job. Sometimes bein on the grind just aint the safest way to live. I guess thats the predicament when it comes to bein a dancer, there isnt a sure guarantee unless you foreal got like a solid teaching job. Thats called grind. And someday, i hope to live that kind of lifestyle. But for now, Imma let my parents take care of my livin, and imma just get money to keep up my spendin habits, which are seriously ruinin my goddamn life.

Ohhhh, and ionno if i already wrote about this, but imma say it again. Damn....
I feel like shes the kind of girl I've always looked for. Confident, but humble. Passionate, but rational. How long have i known her? 2 days motha fucka. But still, ionno. Ive never met an asian girl this passionate about dance. Maybe more passionate than me. I feel like she jjust so real u know? And its like, I'm giving this so much hope just cause I've never thought it possible. Maybe thats just me being hopeful. Am I askin too much? Is asking for the perfect girl just asking a little too much?....

But yea. Again. I NEED MONEY. "Oh shit that I need money." "He no talk, how come he" "I need money, hes a mute." Thats the second time today I've quoted How High. The other was bufu. "Buy us, fuck you!" Love that shit. Method Man and Redman.

Uhm what else. Oh yea. TODAY. lol.... Well basically Chris noona came to visit, so i escorted her around the school, went to visit Mr. Adams, then went to go see Camp. Went to the mall, got a new sweater (T.T smh), and yea. I WANT BAPESTAS, BAPESTAS, BAPESTAS. Fuck, christmas is already over. Damn that. Sayuka was there, havent seen her in ages, my boy Ryan. Hope he goes to the session tomorrow, it be dope to see him and Chris go at it, too bad I make em both look like PUNKS! haaaa but seriously id dominate them.

Man I've just realized, this blog is probably not meant for anybody to read. Cuz seriously if anyone ever read this shit... T.T I'm lucky i never have labels or tags. And that I'm not really the worlds most popular person :P, butchyea..... i just quoted Ashleyy jie there. butchyea.

Aite, wish me luck on the job hunt. shit....


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