I am a quintessential optimistic loser. Just trying to change the loser part....

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Say whats real

Everyday I'm gettin worse,no doubt
that years of fakenes and hateness are payin off
This is what i wanted, i wanted to have clout
To blow the steam and work off landos top
I became a carbon copy of what i saw as the best
I didnt think to seperate myself from the rest
Instead i jsut created a whole other mess
I heap of somethin that aint me, sincerely
Id give those days back if i could just have a chance to be that
one who improvised, devised a plan to be someone
Another guy that people would hate on
But now look at this.Everyday its gets worse
And training isnt an option, because the ugly truth hurts
It hurts deep inside to know that I'm not what i want
And before i get to stuttered up to speak.
I'm just gunna say this one time, and be at peace
I'm a dancer first, a person on the side
I define myself trough my dance, so no lie
One move after another, thats not how to live
You need to dance with yourself, and thats it.

I need to move with myself. I cant keep copying what i see. I miss my roots. I miss what i was. I miss being somethin that i am, rather than somethin that i see.

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