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Friday, March 5, 2010


So the other day i was talkin with monia online, and I came accross a realization
I've never been much for a connection with the music rather than musicality. In terms of rhythm. I guess its because I started off popping. Much of what i do is based around the freedom of freestyle dance. I prefer freestyle over choreography. I find it challenging, I find that it trains not only my body but my mind. But then theres the thing.
I feel like maybe i take dance too seriously. Monia was talking about how its for fun, i should take it easy. I then thought about how dance and freestyle to me is a lifestyle. Its a philosophy. She jokingly told me how i was like a ballerina, and how they are always hard on themselves about training and perfection. I've never thought myself to be a perfectionist, far be it. Maybe a little ocd, but never perfection. But I've realized. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my dancing. I analyze it the way a scientist analyzes an enzyme. I feel this allows me to appreciate many dancers more. The down side of this is that I'm never pleased with what I do. I feel like that negativity makes me worse. I honestly dont know how to solve this. Its like one giant vicious circle.
Whatever the solution, I've realized that when I say I'm gunna go dance, that means I'm going to go train. Train my self as close to perfection as I can. Which to me is Keibee.... His dance philosophy is like the holy grail key to unlocking the true potential of any freestyle dancer. All I can say is flow. I cant really point specifically, and I dont know how to apply it.

Speakinn of which, JBWKZ coming to Georgia Southern University in statesboro in april, hopefully my friend will remember to buy me tickets on monday. I'm gunna go with Monia ^^ Its gunna be kick ass

Another rant, hopefully nobody reads this part... Damn fuckin kids these days.
Take the most innocent girl you know, virgin skin, pretty eyes, beautiful face, and yes nice body. Now all of a sudden she gettin fucked on the regular by some scum bitch ass nigga (excuse my language). This punk... I dunno. I feel bad for Azya, and for Stephanie. But ya'll hold tight. She'll come around. If I was religious, I'd pray. All I can do is wish you guys luck.

Anyways, 2 new shoes this week! Supra skytop black tuf and OG Supra Skytop green camos. Fiyaaa... And ordered my first pair of raw denim jeans. Gunna be hot when i get em. Gunna have to wear some gay shoes so i dont bleed on em. fuck.

pCe out, have a great weekend!

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