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Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun ass weekend

Awesome weekend. Best in a long time

Saturday, went to lunch at Panera with Rachel, Malvika, Jimmy, Star, Christy, and Christina. Basically a portion of the old group. Fun time, we went to borders, wandered around, and I went home early and chatted with Hara (^^) for a little bit. Shes so intruiging, she can do sign language! Her friend is deaf, so basically we typed, and ionno. Somethin about that is so damn appealing. Anyways, Christy and Christina came later, and we chilled, chatted with Hara, goofed off, waiting for Ryan to come over. Ryan got here, and we went to my garage to session. The did jack shit, so i just got my groove on and practiced. Then I was like fuck, you guys need to do something. So I got a cypher goin, Ryan just doin whatever, Christina bein boring. So I'm like i need to up the ante. I decide to start clownin, get in there face. Since they both breakers, I toprock, clownin them, gettin them mad. Got them both kinda hyped. For a girl, and for the time shes been breaking shes not that bad. So yea. Sunday, oovoo'd, danced, dinner. It doesnt seem like that great of a weekend, but its just been awhile since I've had the company of others like this, since i usually dont like to go out. So this was a change of scene, and i gotta say, ive missed these guys alot. Thank you

Yep another school week. fuck....


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