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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You got me runnin runnin runnin awayyyyyy

Yes, new Epik High album has dropped!
to download, but if you're a good person, then you will go find them on itunes, and buy their albums

Favorite songs, Wordkill, Over, and Run. Epik High, even without DJ Tukutz, released an awesome album. Allkpop is calling it a "dark" album. Silly bitches. This is real rap, real hip hop. They dont need to be classified under your pop generalizations. They are experimenting. TYVM

This week has been kinda boring, ordered some new earrings online, and hopefully they come today

School has been buggin me. I cant take Blankenship and Campagna. Campagna maybe, but Blakenship is just a dick. The other day, he actually had the gall to tell me to stop draggin my feet along the ground, cuz its bad for posture. Smh. That dude walks like he has polio, back all bent lookin like hes about to fall forward. Man, fuck him...

Anyways, dance has become alot more fun these few days. Experimenting around. Just freestyling foreal

Yea... Supra tufs are the shit, literally water proof. But i dont get the difference between water resistant and water proof, cuz the Gunnys are water resistant, i dont get that. Anyways, I'll post later this week.


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