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Friday, January 29, 2010


Hmmm today is gunna be a practice for the show next week. I'm kind of excited, and kinda scared if we can piece this together. Gunna have to do some music editing...

Yep. So I've discovered, that after i choreograph, my freestyle is affected. This is bad because my freestyle is more musical than anything. When i freestyle i dont capture the mood of the song. And the styles are extremely different. My freestyle is more of a barebones hitting beats type thing, with fluid, small motions that make me proud of my freestyle skills. However, my choreography is big movements with a ton of emotion. I've cried while doing one of my own choreographies before.... So like the opposite of my freestyle. So thats why i generally dont like choreographing, because for like the rest of the week my freestyle will be off....

Anyways, shopoverload shipped out my shoes, coming in next wendsday. The irony is that i blamed them too fast. Anyways, they have my respect now. Just make sure u email them before u order anything, just incase they dont got it.

But yea monia comin over for practice, gunna watch the abdc season opener online after a bit, order pizza, yep.

I've been thinkin about the future alot. I'm planning on going to LA over spring break to session and take some classes. Ace ventura (Kallusive Dance Crew, peep game) came to FSA once to do a class, and me and him hit it off pretty well, cuz he understands our situation in terms of bein in Atl, which isnt big on my style of dance, and he told me to email or call him if i ever go out. So I emailed him a few days ago, and he replied like an hour later tellin me that if i email him a few weeks before i go, he'll help me figure some stuff out. So yea, this got me thinkin. Been talkin to my moms about dancin as a career. All I know right now is that its my dream to be a dancer. In a sense I've already reached that goal... okay i wanna be a dancer as my livelihood. Its kind of a gamble. But I've never felt so strongly about somethin in my life. I've never worked so hard for something on my own. Everything in my life that ive been good at was forced on me. Dancing, I've been at it for years, and its just somethin ive always loved. Just havin music on and jammin. Sessioning. Freestyling. Choreographing. Training. Its like, some people who have a sport they like, everytime they got practice, there like fuck... I go practice I'm like, hell yea sucka!

Anyways, yep try to post pics, been a long time.

Stay safe, Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fuck it

Sometimes, its just better to say fuck it. And just leave it at that. Sometimes, stuff just aint worth your time. Its all love right? Naw, ego gets in the way. Fuck ego. When you brothers, dont be afraid of gettin called out, cuz ure only gunna get called out when u step out of line. Know your rank, but know that your rank is as a brother, and gotta be loyal. I dont know. Last time it was miscommunication. This time, its ego. I'm not going to deal with people who have massive egos. I despise pretentious people, which means that i love humble people. Being humble is the key to succeeding. But in the end, its not my position to tell a brother what they are and are not. I only have my perspective, but regardless thats how i make my decisions. Everytime you walk through my door, i let go all of the shit that i hear about you, all the trash from your past. I judge you by what you do to me. That in itself is already very lenient and very forgiving. But step on that, and its over. You borrow my shit and then act like i gave it to you. If i had shit to give out, id let you keep it so that one day it hits you how badly you've done in your life. But you're only 18, we'll see how far a bloated ego can get you.

Anyways, shopoverload.com.... mixed feelings. But w.e I'm still gettin my black perf societies, accordin to Tyrone, they just gotta confirm shipment for me, hope he emails back today.

What else. Oh yea, I'm in a show on the 7th, next sunday at Georgia Southern. Me and Monia, hopefully.

Yep, thats about it.

Stay safe, pC

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


M.T. Basswalker is born

Last night I made a resolution on what kind of dancer I want to be. I'm gunna aim for that

Basswalker stands for Bass, as in bass beat, and walker as in walking on the bass effortlessly

M.T. stands for.... MEGATRON

But seriously it means Move tirelessly. But i like megatron better.

Wish me luck.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hmm Fashion?

Lately, I've been a little out of the fashion loop. Yea I still keep up with shoes and shit, always have, but clothes? Not really. I've been into clean denim lately, get that raw denim goin, but other than that, its basically just a jacket in my closet, and a tee. And the fanciest tee I wear nowadays is my wesc tee. If its not white or black v neck, then I'm gunna go all out and get my grown man steez on. But I still gotta have nice shoes. Thats my point that I always go down with. But my moms gave me some advice. She said have a few nice pieces for when u dress up, and thats it. So yea, I guess I'm livin on that advice. I wear about 3 of my shoes regular, my vaiders, white kenneth coles, and my societys when they effin come in.... Damn shopoverload.com dont shop from those foos, been like 2 weeks my fucking shit hasnt even shipped yet. Fuck them

Yea, so basically black and white. I guess DOA hit me pretty hard. Skinny jeans aint my thing. Maybe slim fit or regular, but never like that super skinny, new boyz shit. Gaudy ass chains and t shirts. Hit em with the simple high quality shit that cost more than their entire outfit. Actually, clown on em with the shoes that cost more than their outfit, and jeans that do too. And a white v neck. :P

Anyways, yea. Weekend was fun, Ryan came over, I helped him get down 6 step to baby freeze, and I practiced a little too. Then i went to dinner with my moms, longhorn, got a chicken thing, didnt finish it. My diets doin me well, my appetite isnt as big and I'm controllin myself from late night snacks.
Sunday only practiced for like an hour when my moms got home, then we went to a family friends house for dinner.

Seriously my dad needs to come home, my moms getting really bored.... All she does is cook, read, and use the computer. I feel kinda bad for her....

I've been writing alot lately, as in poetry. Looks like I've sorta crossed over to lyrics and rap, cuz I've been writing my poems to a certain beat. Right now, its So Ambitious by Jay-Z featuring Pharrell. Fuck yea. Ya'll know pharrell got paid like a mil for snoop doggs drop it likes it hot? My friend whos into producing and makin beats told me.

But yea my interest for clothing and shoes has waned, its more now just about keepin it clean and keepin it fresh. Nothin gaudy, which means kallusive is sorta out the door... Yea. Orisue cut and sew all day though. Fuck yea. And heritage shit.

So yep, ordered some stuff from LRG, should be comin this week, shoes hopefully come in this week, Anny's christmas gift comes in today, gotta reship it to her house again T.T.... I WANT MY SOCIETYS DAMNIT.


Friday, January 22, 2010


Bleh. I need to practice. Why cant I get a style and keep it? Why do i keep losing it? I need to train with my inspirations, not just watch them and just learn from example. I've done that for years. I need to get real training for real.

And yea, james needs to hurry over, my supras need to be delivered now. Aite yea.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hmmm fun thought

James put a good question in my head. Who are my biggest influences on dance, and who would I want to train with. By order of their amount of influence on me

1. Lando Wilkins
2. Kevin Brewer
3. Ryan Feng

Who I'd wanna train with? Lando, KB. Not Feng. I feel like Feng wouldnt have much to teach me, but since my style is so geared towards lando and KB, I could learn so much from them.

And which leads me to another thing. In the dance community, atleast in my opinion, once you've reached a certain level, there is no hating, no condescension. Only love, appreciation, and constructive criticism. I feel like dancers all stand to gain from other dancers, regardless of style and ability. Atleast to a certain extent. Ofcourse, I'd learn more from Bang than he would from me, but its all love and learning. Thats how I like to see the dance community. Respect for each other, and through that respect we learn to improve ourselves.

Oh junk

Fucking Supra's are on backorder, not gettin them til next week

But dilemna, do i get LRG cardigan, or lrg sweater pullover and v neck? I really want like 10 grass root v necks as my daily wear, but god knows I cant afford that... And macys doesnt have my size, and i have a macys gift card from christmas. Eff macys... Hate them

Anyways... What else. Oh yea, mirrors in, so sessioning just became my reason to live. I'm in there everyday atleast 2 hours, so I'm developing much faster. I feel like I've got my style basis down, now to just improve and build.

What else. Lovestock?

Almost broke. Cant buy anymore shoes.... for now... T.T

And seriously though, V necks, jeans, Supras = New daily outfit. Spring and Summer approachin, gotta gear up. Fuck yea. Hope I can get those Supra's by next week, and maybe a suprise pair from my dad, he hinted it! White tuf Skytops, come onnnn!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Mirror!

Holy cow. Yea my mirrors came in yesterday! Mlk day! So the specs, 6x6, its freakin sweet. I'll post pics up next time i get a big session (more than 1 person). But yea me and James are plannin out an illy set for Lovestock. Its gunna be of the hook, like fureal. Its so genius. I didnt get to take pics yesterday, cuz i was just so busy usin the mirror ><

Anyways, yesterday I saw this crew named.... yea not sayin it. Well nvm I am. Trickonometry. They performed at Cultural Beats at Emory, and some other shit that involved my big sis's sorierety. Anyways, thsi crew Trickonometry, they arent that good, theres a few guys in there that can dance, but theres no emotion, no energy, and very sloppy routines. But they're routines overall and some of their tricks, like their tutting section, were really freakin cool. Actually they seemed kinda akin to some of the top tutters such as Moon, and stuff. Then all of a sudden I heard "City is Mine" by Drake come on, and then it hit me. BITERS. No this is somethin new. BYTERS. The new generation of dance biters. The ones that watch some youtube, and steal that shit offline. Its like biting the technological comuter bytes. Hence byters. Yes. Trickonometry is a group of BYTERS. To the max. They stole, in order: Brian Puspos's "City is Mine" choreography, liek the whole thing. The Moon's tutting routine that he posted online. The they did a transition from "The Office" routine by Pacman, Moon, and Hok. Then they stole Andrew Baterina's choreography for "Can't Believe It". Somewhere in there, they stole the move that Quest perfected, where they push Tereda over 3 people while doing a backflip. Except, they did one guy lying on the ground. Then, they stole the stick through the body that Quest uses in their routines, where Feng puts an imaginary pole through Hoks body, and Hok does that thing with his shirt. Yea. No credit given, and it was so blatant. Like the cool ass intro Puspos does for City is Mine, they completely stole it. And they bit with such disrespect to the original chroeography. Its so disgusting. Ones one thing to get inspiration, but to blatantly just copy their moves. Ew.... So I plan on calling out Trickonometry, me and James are gunna do that. Yea

Supra Society hopefully come in today, gettin tired of seein fake supras, gunna clown on those suckas.

What else. Oh yea. Broke up with Anny. Dont know how I feel about it yet, but it was kinda mutual. And me and her are still good friends. But if I ever get time to talk about it, then I will. Just for now though, I've learned. I've matured. I know not to force relationships. If it doesnt work, then it doesnt work. Yea. Anyways!

See you guys later, and I'll get around to posting some pictures of the mirror.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yea. 3 months woohoo!!

Anyways, sleep aint been to great lately, and neither has dancing. I lack motivation when I'm tired, even if I'm just a bit tired. Thats why I need the mirror, thats super extra motivation right there. Cant wait til monday. And this Sunday, I kinda wanna take Anny downtown to go see Canterbury Tales at the Shakespeare Tavern. Dunno if thats her thing, she claims to be a drama freak, lets put her to the test and see if she really appreciates that stuff. I know I am, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales has some of the funniest stories, and lets not forget Shakespeare Taverns crew's reputations. So funny people in there, so yea. Lets hope she can go.

What else. Oh yea. On my diet, lunch gotta stay healthy, not to big on breakfast. Main thing is to exercise, gunna start workin out next week, and gotta make sure not to eat anything other than just my regular meals, maybe a piece of fruit now and then, but nothign outside of meals, which are gunna be smaller. Gotta eat til I'm not hungry, not eat til I'm stuffed.

Who would of thought I would ever need to diet..... Jeez.... But naw seriously, I'm pretty outta shape, and I'm startin to get pretty fat.

pC everyone.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Last week there was a giant cold front, and ATL was hittin like 19 degrees F, and sicne it snowed overnight, they cancelled classes. Which meant a 3 day weekend. I danced every freakin day. And I'm gunna start on a diet and workout plan forealz, and I'm gunna go get some protein powder or somethin like that to help out a little today. Hopefully my new debit card comes in, so its gunna be all good.

My dad left for China yesterday, gunna be about a week or two. The thing is that when my mom leaves, I eat home cooking, but no laundry gets done, and dirty dishes just lay there. When my dads gone, everything is significantly cleaner, but i have to eat out alot. smh...

Oh and yes. GETTIN MIRRORS FOR THE GARAGE FUCKAS. Yes bitches, you heard me. 70 inch, by 72 inch mirrors for the wall of the garage. Its gunna be stoopid sick. Naw, that doesnt even begin to describe. Like fuckin retarted, negative iq. I've already moved in my speakers, and put an extra laptop charger down there to get ready. They comin in on mlk, so this week is gunna be overall pretty badass.

Yea, btw Lando Wilkins is the shit. Rock, paper, scissors, fuck yea.

And maybe some new Supras.... Hehe goin for white leather skytops... Wish me luck


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to the same old

So schools back in. I'm not to particularly happy, but atleast this gives me a bit of pattern and discipline in my lifestyle. Honestly, over the break, I'm the laziest person in the world. With school, I wake up at a certain time, and I feel that I appreciate free time and sleep alot more. So that adds a bit of light into my life. I cant say I dont miss lazy days, but atleast I wont be wakin up at 12, and then gettin some fast food. Gotta eat healthy. Gotta avoid the chicken finger trays at school, stickin with the subs.

Also, I've discovered some amazing dancers and choreographers that have been dancing almost as long as I have. I must say though, in my defense, I didnt acquire my appreciation for dancing until like near the end of summer when I met James. So for all intensive purpose I'll say I've been dancing for about half a year. But DJdaniel somethin somethin on youtube, hes the shit. Ionno somethin about him is cool. But right now the most important thing for me is not to bite, and to develop my own style. Thats why I've tried to avoid watching dancing on youtube too much. And I'm tryna find new music to allow myself room to develop. I dont want any songs that I've already seen others dance to, I wanna freshly interpret music, and maybe that way I can develop myself from bottom up.

And yes, that entire epiphany happened in one night

I'm thinkin about getting my own mirror for the garage, to practice. Its gunna cost a shitload, but its a good investment.

Havent been taking pictures in awhile. I like having pictures up, it gives me a chance to reflect on myself. So yea, gunna try and take more pictures and stop bein lazy about uploading. Freakin blogspot couldnt make this any harder.

Anyways, Happy New Years, and to those returning to a regular 9 to 5 grind lifestyle, enjoy the free time and sleep, and dont take it for granted.

And btw, is it just me, or does it smell like up dog in here?

nothin much, how about you?

If that worked, you are a complete sucka

Monday, January 4, 2010


Gettin a debit card to cut back on credit card crap. Annoying as hell.

Gotta finish college apps.

Btw today is my parents anniversary, so congrats to them.

Aite back to work