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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hmmm fun thought

James put a good question in my head. Who are my biggest influences on dance, and who would I want to train with. By order of their amount of influence on me

1. Lando Wilkins
2. Kevin Brewer
3. Ryan Feng

Who I'd wanna train with? Lando, KB. Not Feng. I feel like Feng wouldnt have much to teach me, but since my style is so geared towards lando and KB, I could learn so much from them.

And which leads me to another thing. In the dance community, atleast in my opinion, once you've reached a certain level, there is no hating, no condescension. Only love, appreciation, and constructive criticism. I feel like dancers all stand to gain from other dancers, regardless of style and ability. Atleast to a certain extent. Ofcourse, I'd learn more from Bang than he would from me, but its all love and learning. Thats how I like to see the dance community. Respect for each other, and through that respect we learn to improve ourselves.

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