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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fuck it

Sometimes, its just better to say fuck it. And just leave it at that. Sometimes, stuff just aint worth your time. Its all love right? Naw, ego gets in the way. Fuck ego. When you brothers, dont be afraid of gettin called out, cuz ure only gunna get called out when u step out of line. Know your rank, but know that your rank is as a brother, and gotta be loyal. I dont know. Last time it was miscommunication. This time, its ego. I'm not going to deal with people who have massive egos. I despise pretentious people, which means that i love humble people. Being humble is the key to succeeding. But in the end, its not my position to tell a brother what they are and are not. I only have my perspective, but regardless thats how i make my decisions. Everytime you walk through my door, i let go all of the shit that i hear about you, all the trash from your past. I judge you by what you do to me. That in itself is already very lenient and very forgiving. But step on that, and its over. You borrow my shit and then act like i gave it to you. If i had shit to give out, id let you keep it so that one day it hits you how badly you've done in your life. But you're only 18, we'll see how far a bloated ego can get you.

Anyways, shopoverload.com.... mixed feelings. But w.e I'm still gettin my black perf societies, accordin to Tyrone, they just gotta confirm shipment for me, hope he emails back today.

What else. Oh yea, I'm in a show on the 7th, next sunday at Georgia Southern. Me and Monia, hopefully.

Yep, thats about it.

Stay safe, pC

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