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Monday, January 11, 2010


Last week there was a giant cold front, and ATL was hittin like 19 degrees F, and sicne it snowed overnight, they cancelled classes. Which meant a 3 day weekend. I danced every freakin day. And I'm gunna start on a diet and workout plan forealz, and I'm gunna go get some protein powder or somethin like that to help out a little today. Hopefully my new debit card comes in, so its gunna be all good.

My dad left for China yesterday, gunna be about a week or two. The thing is that when my mom leaves, I eat home cooking, but no laundry gets done, and dirty dishes just lay there. When my dads gone, everything is significantly cleaner, but i have to eat out alot. smh...

Oh and yes. GETTIN MIRRORS FOR THE GARAGE FUCKAS. Yes bitches, you heard me. 70 inch, by 72 inch mirrors for the wall of the garage. Its gunna be stoopid sick. Naw, that doesnt even begin to describe. Like fuckin retarted, negative iq. I've already moved in my speakers, and put an extra laptop charger down there to get ready. They comin in on mlk, so this week is gunna be overall pretty badass.

Yea, btw Lando Wilkins is the shit. Rock, paper, scissors, fuck yea.

And maybe some new Supras.... Hehe goin for white leather skytops... Wish me luck


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