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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh junk

Fucking Supra's are on backorder, not gettin them til next week

But dilemna, do i get LRG cardigan, or lrg sweater pullover and v neck? I really want like 10 grass root v necks as my daily wear, but god knows I cant afford that... And macys doesnt have my size, and i have a macys gift card from christmas. Eff macys... Hate them

Anyways... What else. Oh yea, mirrors in, so sessioning just became my reason to live. I'm in there everyday atleast 2 hours, so I'm developing much faster. I feel like I've got my style basis down, now to just improve and build.

What else. Lovestock?

Almost broke. Cant buy anymore shoes.... for now... T.T

And seriously though, V necks, jeans, Supras = New daily outfit. Spring and Summer approachin, gotta gear up. Fuck yea. Hope I can get those Supra's by next week, and maybe a suprise pair from my dad, he hinted it! White tuf Skytops, come onnnn!

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