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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yea. 3 months woohoo!!

Anyways, sleep aint been to great lately, and neither has dancing. I lack motivation when I'm tired, even if I'm just a bit tired. Thats why I need the mirror, thats super extra motivation right there. Cant wait til monday. And this Sunday, I kinda wanna take Anny downtown to go see Canterbury Tales at the Shakespeare Tavern. Dunno if thats her thing, she claims to be a drama freak, lets put her to the test and see if she really appreciates that stuff. I know I am, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales has some of the funniest stories, and lets not forget Shakespeare Taverns crew's reputations. So funny people in there, so yea. Lets hope she can go.

What else. Oh yea. On my diet, lunch gotta stay healthy, not to big on breakfast. Main thing is to exercise, gunna start workin out next week, and gotta make sure not to eat anything other than just my regular meals, maybe a piece of fruit now and then, but nothign outside of meals, which are gunna be smaller. Gotta eat til I'm not hungry, not eat til I'm stuffed.

Who would of thought I would ever need to diet..... Jeez.... But naw seriously, I'm pretty outta shape, and I'm startin to get pretty fat.

pC everyone.

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