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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to the same old

So schools back in. I'm not to particularly happy, but atleast this gives me a bit of pattern and discipline in my lifestyle. Honestly, over the break, I'm the laziest person in the world. With school, I wake up at a certain time, and I feel that I appreciate free time and sleep alot more. So that adds a bit of light into my life. I cant say I dont miss lazy days, but atleast I wont be wakin up at 12, and then gettin some fast food. Gotta eat healthy. Gotta avoid the chicken finger trays at school, stickin with the subs.

Also, I've discovered some amazing dancers and choreographers that have been dancing almost as long as I have. I must say though, in my defense, I didnt acquire my appreciation for dancing until like near the end of summer when I met James. So for all intensive purpose I'll say I've been dancing for about half a year. But DJdaniel somethin somethin on youtube, hes the shit. Ionno somethin about him is cool. But right now the most important thing for me is not to bite, and to develop my own style. Thats why I've tried to avoid watching dancing on youtube too much. And I'm tryna find new music to allow myself room to develop. I dont want any songs that I've already seen others dance to, I wanna freshly interpret music, and maybe that way I can develop myself from bottom up.

And yes, that entire epiphany happened in one night

I'm thinkin about getting my own mirror for the garage, to practice. Its gunna cost a shitload, but its a good investment.

Havent been taking pictures in awhile. I like having pictures up, it gives me a chance to reflect on myself. So yea, gunna try and take more pictures and stop bein lazy about uploading. Freakin blogspot couldnt make this any harder.

Anyways, Happy New Years, and to those returning to a regular 9 to 5 grind lifestyle, enjoy the free time and sleep, and dont take it for granted.

And btw, is it just me, or does it smell like up dog in here?

nothin much, how about you?

If that worked, you are a complete sucka

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