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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Mirror!

Holy cow. Yea my mirrors came in yesterday! Mlk day! So the specs, 6x6, its freakin sweet. I'll post pics up next time i get a big session (more than 1 person). But yea me and James are plannin out an illy set for Lovestock. Its gunna be of the hook, like fureal. Its so genius. I didnt get to take pics yesterday, cuz i was just so busy usin the mirror ><

Anyways, yesterday I saw this crew named.... yea not sayin it. Well nvm I am. Trickonometry. They performed at Cultural Beats at Emory, and some other shit that involved my big sis's sorierety. Anyways, thsi crew Trickonometry, they arent that good, theres a few guys in there that can dance, but theres no emotion, no energy, and very sloppy routines. But they're routines overall and some of their tricks, like their tutting section, were really freakin cool. Actually they seemed kinda akin to some of the top tutters such as Moon, and stuff. Then all of a sudden I heard "City is Mine" by Drake come on, and then it hit me. BITERS. No this is somethin new. BYTERS. The new generation of dance biters. The ones that watch some youtube, and steal that shit offline. Its like biting the technological comuter bytes. Hence byters. Yes. Trickonometry is a group of BYTERS. To the max. They stole, in order: Brian Puspos's "City is Mine" choreography, liek the whole thing. The Moon's tutting routine that he posted online. The they did a transition from "The Office" routine by Pacman, Moon, and Hok. Then they stole Andrew Baterina's choreography for "Can't Believe It". Somewhere in there, they stole the move that Quest perfected, where they push Tereda over 3 people while doing a backflip. Except, they did one guy lying on the ground. Then, they stole the stick through the body that Quest uses in their routines, where Feng puts an imaginary pole through Hoks body, and Hok does that thing with his shirt. Yea. No credit given, and it was so blatant. Like the cool ass intro Puspos does for City is Mine, they completely stole it. And they bit with such disrespect to the original chroeography. Its so disgusting. Ones one thing to get inspiration, but to blatantly just copy their moves. Ew.... So I plan on calling out Trickonometry, me and James are gunna do that. Yea

Supra Society hopefully come in today, gettin tired of seein fake supras, gunna clown on those suckas.

What else. Oh yea. Broke up with Anny. Dont know how I feel about it yet, but it was kinda mutual. And me and her are still good friends. But if I ever get time to talk about it, then I will. Just for now though, I've learned. I've matured. I know not to force relationships. If it doesnt work, then it doesnt work. Yea. Anyways!

See you guys later, and I'll get around to posting some pictures of the mirror.

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