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Monday, January 25, 2010

Hmm Fashion?

Lately, I've been a little out of the fashion loop. Yea I still keep up with shoes and shit, always have, but clothes? Not really. I've been into clean denim lately, get that raw denim goin, but other than that, its basically just a jacket in my closet, and a tee. And the fanciest tee I wear nowadays is my wesc tee. If its not white or black v neck, then I'm gunna go all out and get my grown man steez on. But I still gotta have nice shoes. Thats my point that I always go down with. But my moms gave me some advice. She said have a few nice pieces for when u dress up, and thats it. So yea, I guess I'm livin on that advice. I wear about 3 of my shoes regular, my vaiders, white kenneth coles, and my societys when they effin come in.... Damn shopoverload.com dont shop from those foos, been like 2 weeks my fucking shit hasnt even shipped yet. Fuck them

Yea, so basically black and white. I guess DOA hit me pretty hard. Skinny jeans aint my thing. Maybe slim fit or regular, but never like that super skinny, new boyz shit. Gaudy ass chains and t shirts. Hit em with the simple high quality shit that cost more than their entire outfit. Actually, clown on em with the shoes that cost more than their outfit, and jeans that do too. And a white v neck. :P

Anyways, yea. Weekend was fun, Ryan came over, I helped him get down 6 step to baby freeze, and I practiced a little too. Then i went to dinner with my moms, longhorn, got a chicken thing, didnt finish it. My diets doin me well, my appetite isnt as big and I'm controllin myself from late night snacks.
Sunday only practiced for like an hour when my moms got home, then we went to a family friends house for dinner.

Seriously my dad needs to come home, my moms getting really bored.... All she does is cook, read, and use the computer. I feel kinda bad for her....

I've been writing alot lately, as in poetry. Looks like I've sorta crossed over to lyrics and rap, cuz I've been writing my poems to a certain beat. Right now, its So Ambitious by Jay-Z featuring Pharrell. Fuck yea. Ya'll know pharrell got paid like a mil for snoop doggs drop it likes it hot? My friend whos into producing and makin beats told me.

But yea my interest for clothing and shoes has waned, its more now just about keepin it clean and keepin it fresh. Nothin gaudy, which means kallusive is sorta out the door... Yea. Orisue cut and sew all day though. Fuck yea. And heritage shit.

So yep, ordered some stuff from LRG, should be comin this week, shoes hopefully come in this week, Anny's christmas gift comes in today, gotta reship it to her house again T.T.... I WANT MY SOCIETYS DAMNIT.


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