I am a quintessential optimistic loser. Just trying to change the loser part....

Friday, April 30, 2010


I feel guilty for not using blogspot.... T.T
But chyea here we go

Plans for the weekend-

-Get really freakin good at COD4
-Study for AP gov exam monday
-Order my shizuoku bapestas
-Dance (been a week)
-Order the JBWKZ crooks and castles tee

Nice right?

Monday, April 26, 2010


Moving to Tumblr mainly cuz alot of my favorite people use that. Ie Movement Lifestyle.

Still gunna keep up with some people here, but yea


Heres my plan for workin out and eatin healthy

Mondays: Dance

Tuedays: run

Wendsdays: Dance

Thursdays: Run

Friday: Dance

Saturday and Sunday: Dance

Sunday night: run

I'm gunnna try and run and get a little exercise in the morning to boost my metabolism so im a lil more energized during the day. Also need to get enough sleep, so I'mma try and sleep at 11.


Gotta eat healthier. Gunna try and eat just salads with one lil thing of dressing, and for fuck sake, no chips. I hate that i'm such a glutton, but i need to get off chips. Ugh.

Aite, thats it for now.... Today was blackout day, so I'm in my all black funeral look (Ben Baller lol) So black vneck, black se7en dress pants, black tuf supras, black gshock, my black glasses. Above and beyond son. Tomorrow is kindergarden day. Dont know how tahts going to work out, but i'll try. Gotta think of some ideas.

Meetin new people, girls ofcourse, but ionno. Not in the mood for anything. Maybe have a little fun, meet people, but nothing serious. I dont ahve the time, energy, or (for once) motivation. After Christina, Anny, and recently Hara, I think I'm done with the needy relationships for awhile. I'm off that shit. Whee.

Gotta keep drinkin water to fill up my appetite.

Hm, guess thats it for now. Cant wait for Tim and Chris to get back from college, cuz I'm in serious need of some people train with. Now, if I've never mentioned Tim, hes basically one of the few bboys I respect. This man is musicality, musicality, musicality. He appreciates what it means to be funky. You see the powerheads, flips and shit, then you see Tim, with the freshest toprocks and sweet footwork, and when the mood strikes him, the swag. Thats wassup. And Chris, my big sister for life, obviously. Lol. I love how i just mentioned her before, and now i mention her again, in a completely different light. Anyways, hopefully get them, then Monia, and who knows.

I wanna get a big jam session somewhere, just get a buncha dancers together. Chris, Tim, Song Li, Azya, Monia, maybe even Cherry and see if she can bring some people from the old studio. Butchyea, MAYBE EVEN ASH. lol who knows. Summertime is almost here. Cant wait for china either

Damn this post was not meant to be this long


Sunday, April 25, 2010

The weekend


Friday chilled with Peter Yanggg. Played some Halo 3

Saturday- Went to Chuckie Cheese with Peter and his lil sis. Thank you Lauren for the employee discount. Funny story. Theres like a big wheel thing that spins, its like 5 ft diameter. Anyways, the bonus is 250 tickets. I tried 10 times, didnt get it. Peter tries once, gets it. We were like, wtf..... Went back to his house, got some micky d, watched the first harry potter, then played so random Xbox360 arcade games.

Sunday, woke up, exercised a lil, went to Monia's to chill, dance, met some people, cool people. Then went to go see Taming of the Shrew with Sean, shit blew my ears off. Hate loud people, which is ironic, cuz when im excited, im really freakin loud. Anyways, school is almost over. So yea.

Time to seriously diet and exercise. Time to exercise that willpower. Phew


Friday, April 23, 2010

Bday wishlist?

I'm just doin this so that i remember what i want...

Anything Bape- You know me sz 11-12, large

Supra Skytop II black and gold- Those release this weekend, but i really want em, ive been holdin out on skytop II's to wait for somethin like this. Clean, sexy. Sz 11-12

Meister watches- I love my gshock, but i need some grown man steez shit for college, and meister is just the watch.

Be@rbrick- gotta get on that

Underwear- Can never get enough boxers...

Toys in general- Anything cool, novelty, or just plain sweet. Yep

Those are in order of want level. So yea. I'll wait to pass these out to my friends, see if anyone wants to volunteer to chip in for anything. Or i'll probably just ask for money donations.


Nothing :P


Thursday, April 22, 2010


Takin a break from studies and stuff to just write a little bit bout the mental shit ive been goin through these past few weeks.
With college coming just around the corner, I see my future looming ahead. What do I want my life to be like? I see these people, rockin that nice shit, livin in a nice apartment, drivin a decent car. I wanna live like that. Not too heavy, but just lightweight, good friends, good times. But how does one go about that? I was listenin to I Need a Dollar by Dumbfoundead, and i realized somethin. I've got my work cutout. I've thought so much about the good life, i forgot that it takes work. I forgot that i need to put in effort. Not only that, I forgot that after awhile, i need to take care of my parents. I might even have a family, i'll need to take care of them. So then in the end its not just my good life, its about makin sure my future family has a good life too. And that kind of makes me regret my highschool years. These 4 years have just been a blur of impulsive decisions and bad judgement. I can safely say that i truly regret my highschool career, and if i had a chance, id redo it all. But whats past is past, and i just need to catch up now. Theres so much more i want to say, but for now.... well. I'll figure it out as they come.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Lets see if i can get away with writing everyday

So I should be doin work, but I'm on here. Guess i need to vent

So since Bape has been my freakin life lately, I'm gunna try and make some extra cash from my dad mowin the lawn, front and back, 20 dollars each time. I need in total atleast 195, and with 150 next month, i need about 45. Thats just for the shit i wanna cop. We're not talkin regular expense: gas, food, etc. So yea. My goal is to be rockin real international shit when i get on that plane to Detroit, then Tokyo, then Beijing. And i want a beef bowl in the Tokyo airport. I've been cravin Japanese food ever since FM did a FM eating in Japan. Which is funny, cuz today is rockstar/concert day for powderpuff week at school, and I just so happen to be wearing my red fm tee. (with the jordans. Fetishhhh). Uhm what else
Anyways, I think my dad knows my work ethic now when i want something. I offered to work all day on weekends for 60 dollars. Shiet. Niggah id work all day of the week for 60 dollars. I need a dollar, dollar is what i need (dumbfoundead)

Finally got around to really listening to all my Nujabes. I've had his shit for awhile now, a few years, but his death and Samurai Champloo gave me a little bit of inspiration and motivation to listen to his stuff, and yea. Theres a few artists that I literally like all their shit. David Tao, Shinhwa, and now the list has added Nujabes. This fusion of jazz, funk, hip hop, is just amazing. Its tranquil, yet it moves you. Nujabes, rest in peace. My favorite producer of all time, yes he beats out Pharell. Pharell may be best dressed, but Nujabes is just the best.

Why do I try so hard to look good? Is it cuz i like other people thinkin i look good, or just like lookin good cuz it makes me feel good. The latter. I dont think i care too much what others think of me, but you how girls dress up their dolls? Yea thats me. I just like to look good cuz its fun and its awesome. Plus fashion is something everyone can appreciate, especially me.

Summer. I'm leavin May 19th and coming back June 30th. Gunna get some shopping done there, gunna see family, maybe travel a little, hang out with old friends, eat good foods, and just enjoy my last summer as a higschool student, and my first summer as a college student. Transitionary period if you will. Ionno what the future may hold. New girl, maybe. New hobbies, maybe. New me, yes maybe. You never know.

Last few words, I hate lazy people, and i hate blankenship.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy busy

Busy in my mind per say. School is alright, catchin up with stuff. But my college stuff is killin me, so with these two combinations, i probably wont write for a few days. Just know that I'm catchin up with school and college. Gsu, here i come!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I learn

As you grow up you learn. I'm not in a position to be a guru on life, but all i can say is that as you grow, you learn. Good or bad, you learn. Today I learned. We both did. I'm sorry. Maybe in another setting, another time. But just not now.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh man, SBX

Spring Break 2010 of my senior year. A little uneventful, but i didnt wanna do much. I just wanted to get focused for summer and gstate.

Friday- Oldschool gaming with Peter Yangg, then chilled with my little brother Abdallah, got some Chinese, played WoW, stayed up late, like the old days. Went with his older brother Aladin to Circle K. Its funny, in the oddest of places you find words of wisdom. The dude workin there knew Aladin's cousin, and we chopped it up for a little bit. That dude had such insight. Thanks man.

Saturday- Played bball with Abdallah's fat ass... Smh... Went home chilled.....

Sunday and Monday- Chilled

Tuesday- Picked up the miss from Ringgold, thats 3 hours roundtrip. We went to Hmart, chilled, played ssb, blazed, ended the night.

Wendsday- had to take her home... smh

Thursday- Woke up early for a dermatology appointment. Then headed home, caught a few z's, then went to GSU for a tour. I'm not gunna get into details, all i can say is that I'm gunna enjoy college life, and i wanna do well in terms of grades for once. Got home, chilled out, then went to Peter Yangg's house for oldschool gaming with JJ, Lauren, Mimi, and Peter Yangg of course. Got our grub at Moes and went to Chucky Cheese. Saw some old dude there on one of the two player shooting games, and hes dual wieldin the pistols like fuckin Neo. smh.... Hit up Yogli Mogli, bomb frozen yogurt place. Then back to Peter's, went home around 11, chilled, went to bed

Friday and Saturday- Sick,,

Sunday- Danced for like the second time the entire break. Smfh......

So yea my dad left this mornin for H-town, see him in a week. Its just me and mumm.... How are we gunna eat T.T

When i say chilled i mean played Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Its basically intergalactic Jade Empire, which makes sense since its Bioware.

New music discoverys! Dumbfoundead....

Yea hopefully the last 6 months are good, and i pass all my fuckin classes and enjoy the summer.

Supposed to have a session today at my house, hopefully it all goes down, cuz if history tells us anything, its that Azya sucks nuts at planning and keeping promises. Smh....


i used smh about 6 times... SMH


Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

This post will not contain april fools jokes of any kind. Mainly cuz to me, any day is good enough for an april fools joke...


Offset printing soon, this oughta be interesting....

Spring break is almost here. I guess this spring break I'll just be relaxing at home, eating good, dancing, what not.

Tupac was not a rapper. He was a prophet.

Some mixed feelings going around. I'm still tryna understand them. When the time comes, I'll talk about it. But for now, I just wanna keep thinking...

Nothin to do this weekend or next week for a few days. Might just play some WoW, and train, maybe monia. See what shes up to. Hopefully Azya and Songli get a chance and we can session. Yea

I really want some fuckin pizza. And orange chicken. I've been craving orange chicken so badly.

Georgia State is almost here. The real GSU. I'll embrace it no matter what.