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Monday, April 19, 2010

Lets see if i can get away with writing everyday

So I should be doin work, but I'm on here. Guess i need to vent

So since Bape has been my freakin life lately, I'm gunna try and make some extra cash from my dad mowin the lawn, front and back, 20 dollars each time. I need in total atleast 195, and with 150 next month, i need about 45. Thats just for the shit i wanna cop. We're not talkin regular expense: gas, food, etc. So yea. My goal is to be rockin real international shit when i get on that plane to Detroit, then Tokyo, then Beijing. And i want a beef bowl in the Tokyo airport. I've been cravin Japanese food ever since FM did a FM eating in Japan. Which is funny, cuz today is rockstar/concert day for powderpuff week at school, and I just so happen to be wearing my red fm tee. (with the jordans. Fetishhhh). Uhm what else
Anyways, I think my dad knows my work ethic now when i want something. I offered to work all day on weekends for 60 dollars. Shiet. Niggah id work all day of the week for 60 dollars. I need a dollar, dollar is what i need (dumbfoundead)

Finally got around to really listening to all my Nujabes. I've had his shit for awhile now, a few years, but his death and Samurai Champloo gave me a little bit of inspiration and motivation to listen to his stuff, and yea. Theres a few artists that I literally like all their shit. David Tao, Shinhwa, and now the list has added Nujabes. This fusion of jazz, funk, hip hop, is just amazing. Its tranquil, yet it moves you. Nujabes, rest in peace. My favorite producer of all time, yes he beats out Pharell. Pharell may be best dressed, but Nujabes is just the best.

Why do I try so hard to look good? Is it cuz i like other people thinkin i look good, or just like lookin good cuz it makes me feel good. The latter. I dont think i care too much what others think of me, but you how girls dress up their dolls? Yea thats me. I just like to look good cuz its fun and its awesome. Plus fashion is something everyone can appreciate, especially me.

Summer. I'm leavin May 19th and coming back June 30th. Gunna get some shopping done there, gunna see family, maybe travel a little, hang out with old friends, eat good foods, and just enjoy my last summer as a higschool student, and my first summer as a college student. Transitionary period if you will. Ionno what the future may hold. New girl, maybe. New hobbies, maybe. New me, yes maybe. You never know.

Last few words, I hate lazy people, and i hate blankenship.


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