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Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh man, SBX

Spring Break 2010 of my senior year. A little uneventful, but i didnt wanna do much. I just wanted to get focused for summer and gstate.

Friday- Oldschool gaming with Peter Yangg, then chilled with my little brother Abdallah, got some Chinese, played WoW, stayed up late, like the old days. Went with his older brother Aladin to Circle K. Its funny, in the oddest of places you find words of wisdom. The dude workin there knew Aladin's cousin, and we chopped it up for a little bit. That dude had such insight. Thanks man.

Saturday- Played bball with Abdallah's fat ass... Smh... Went home chilled.....

Sunday and Monday- Chilled

Tuesday- Picked up the miss from Ringgold, thats 3 hours roundtrip. We went to Hmart, chilled, played ssb, blazed, ended the night.

Wendsday- had to take her home... smh

Thursday- Woke up early for a dermatology appointment. Then headed home, caught a few z's, then went to GSU for a tour. I'm not gunna get into details, all i can say is that I'm gunna enjoy college life, and i wanna do well in terms of grades for once. Got home, chilled out, then went to Peter Yangg's house for oldschool gaming with JJ, Lauren, Mimi, and Peter Yangg of course. Got our grub at Moes and went to Chucky Cheese. Saw some old dude there on one of the two player shooting games, and hes dual wieldin the pistols like fuckin Neo. smh.... Hit up Yogli Mogli, bomb frozen yogurt place. Then back to Peter's, went home around 11, chilled, went to bed

Friday and Saturday- Sick,,

Sunday- Danced for like the second time the entire break. Smfh......

So yea my dad left this mornin for H-town, see him in a week. Its just me and mumm.... How are we gunna eat T.T

When i say chilled i mean played Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Its basically intergalactic Jade Empire, which makes sense since its Bioware.

New music discoverys! Dumbfoundead....

Yea hopefully the last 6 months are good, and i pass all my fuckin classes and enjoy the summer.

Supposed to have a session today at my house, hopefully it all goes down, cuz if history tells us anything, its that Azya sucks nuts at planning and keeping promises. Smh....


i used smh about 6 times... SMH


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