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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Takin a break from studies and stuff to just write a little bit bout the mental shit ive been goin through these past few weeks.
With college coming just around the corner, I see my future looming ahead. What do I want my life to be like? I see these people, rockin that nice shit, livin in a nice apartment, drivin a decent car. I wanna live like that. Not too heavy, but just lightweight, good friends, good times. But how does one go about that? I was listenin to I Need a Dollar by Dumbfoundead, and i realized somethin. I've got my work cutout. I've thought so much about the good life, i forgot that it takes work. I forgot that i need to put in effort. Not only that, I forgot that after awhile, i need to take care of my parents. I might even have a family, i'll need to take care of them. So then in the end its not just my good life, its about makin sure my future family has a good life too. And that kind of makes me regret my highschool years. These 4 years have just been a blur of impulsive decisions and bad judgement. I can safely say that i truly regret my highschool career, and if i had a chance, id redo it all. But whats past is past, and i just need to catch up now. Theres so much more i want to say, but for now.... well. I'll figure it out as they come.


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