I am a quintessential optimistic loser. Just trying to change the loser part....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The weekend


Friday chilled with Peter Yanggg. Played some Halo 3

Saturday- Went to Chuckie Cheese with Peter and his lil sis. Thank you Lauren for the employee discount. Funny story. Theres like a big wheel thing that spins, its like 5 ft diameter. Anyways, the bonus is 250 tickets. I tried 10 times, didnt get it. Peter tries once, gets it. We were like, wtf..... Went back to his house, got some micky d, watched the first harry potter, then played so random Xbox360 arcade games.

Sunday, woke up, exercised a lil, went to Monia's to chill, dance, met some people, cool people. Then went to go see Taming of the Shrew with Sean, shit blew my ears off. Hate loud people, which is ironic, cuz when im excited, im really freakin loud. Anyways, school is almost over. So yea.

Time to seriously diet and exercise. Time to exercise that willpower. Phew


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