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Monday, April 26, 2010


Heres my plan for workin out and eatin healthy

Mondays: Dance

Tuedays: run

Wendsdays: Dance

Thursdays: Run

Friday: Dance

Saturday and Sunday: Dance

Sunday night: run

I'm gunnna try and run and get a little exercise in the morning to boost my metabolism so im a lil more energized during the day. Also need to get enough sleep, so I'mma try and sleep at 11.


Gotta eat healthier. Gunna try and eat just salads with one lil thing of dressing, and for fuck sake, no chips. I hate that i'm such a glutton, but i need to get off chips. Ugh.

Aite, thats it for now.... Today was blackout day, so I'm in my all black funeral look (Ben Baller lol) So black vneck, black se7en dress pants, black tuf supras, black gshock, my black glasses. Above and beyond son. Tomorrow is kindergarden day. Dont know how tahts going to work out, but i'll try. Gotta think of some ideas.

Meetin new people, girls ofcourse, but ionno. Not in the mood for anything. Maybe have a little fun, meet people, but nothing serious. I dont ahve the time, energy, or (for once) motivation. After Christina, Anny, and recently Hara, I think I'm done with the needy relationships for awhile. I'm off that shit. Whee.

Gotta keep drinkin water to fill up my appetite.

Hm, guess thats it for now. Cant wait for Tim and Chris to get back from college, cuz I'm in serious need of some people train with. Now, if I've never mentioned Tim, hes basically one of the few bboys I respect. This man is musicality, musicality, musicality. He appreciates what it means to be funky. You see the powerheads, flips and shit, then you see Tim, with the freshest toprocks and sweet footwork, and when the mood strikes him, the swag. Thats wassup. And Chris, my big sister for life, obviously. Lol. I love how i just mentioned her before, and now i mention her again, in a completely different light. Anyways, hopefully get them, then Monia, and who knows.

I wanna get a big jam session somewhere, just get a buncha dancers together. Chris, Tim, Song Li, Azya, Monia, maybe even Cherry and see if she can bring some people from the old studio. Butchyea, MAYBE EVEN ASH. lol who knows. Summertime is almost here. Cant wait for china either

Damn this post was not meant to be this long


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