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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

This post will not contain april fools jokes of any kind. Mainly cuz to me, any day is good enough for an april fools joke...


Offset printing soon, this oughta be interesting....

Spring break is almost here. I guess this spring break I'll just be relaxing at home, eating good, dancing, what not.

Tupac was not a rapper. He was a prophet.

Some mixed feelings going around. I'm still tryna understand them. When the time comes, I'll talk about it. But for now, I just wanna keep thinking...

Nothin to do this weekend or next week for a few days. Might just play some WoW, and train, maybe monia. See what shes up to. Hopefully Azya and Songli get a chance and we can session. Yea

I really want some fuckin pizza. And orange chicken. I've been craving orange chicken so badly.

Georgia State is almost here. The real GSU. I'll embrace it no matter what.


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