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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update 3/2

So I dont think I've ever gone this long without writing.

So I'm definitely goin to State, but its been a lil shaky. I wanna livin in an aparmtnet my first year, but my parents want dorms. And thers no arguing with them. I dunno. Im gunna listen to em this time. We got in a pretty big arguement last night over it, and if u know me, Ive got a quick temper. So i feel bad everytime i get in a fight with my parents.
They are disappointed in me, i know it.

If my parents ever see this, or in the future. I'm sorry Mom and Dad.

New shoes comin today! Supra skytop black tuf
I ordered some skytop green camo ogs! Heck yea!

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