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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hmmm the flow?

So since the beginnin of this week i been out of commission, ie no practice. fucking sucks. Lost the flow alot, but i think i'll get it back little by little. Damn and i got work.

I hate Blakenship. Bald ass fucker needs to know his place, cuz he definitely aint my fuckin mom. Callin me out cuz i yawned, callin me out cuz i like to have good breath and chew a piece of gum. You bitch fuck, next time u tell me to fucking take the gum out of my mouth im stickin that shit onto your desk. Teachin me about responsibility, teachin me about success in life. Naw dont try

Maybe i dont know what success is. Maybe im bein to harsh. All i know is that im out of this fuckin dump excuse for a school. Outta cobb county, where half the people are out of touch of the world. Some little punk kids go to africa and help out, think they've suddenly experienced a harsh life. Naw, u got fed 3 times a day in africa, and you got a comfy bed, and malaria pills. That aint a hard life. Thats the life most of the people live for. If you got spare time to go to others and help them, then u aint livin a hard life. I'm not sayin i have, but atleast i know that. I hate cobb county.


Award for most cheeeese. Yeezy lol


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