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Monday, February 8, 2010


Back again. Another monday. too bad i skipped my first three periods to finish a ppt i should have done last not had i not got back from the performance completely beat.

I'm kinda happy about it. First on stage performance. Could have done alot better, but im glad that i know now that i can go through that. Gotta work on facials no homo, and make sure i look up no homo :P Anyways, Imma put it on youtube later, class is about to start.

plans this week- practice more, clean up the routine, make a new routine for monia's class saturday that i'll hopefully help teach. Jenn's bday, gotta hit the mall friday to get her somethin... and maybe session at the studio with cherry and people if we can get it organized. Gotta stay on my A game.
Aquarium tomorrow, kind of excited, been awhile since ive been there.

Been into house lately. Check out "House" by House Rulez, and "Insomnia" by Humming Urban Stereo

but yea shout out to Monia Hicks, and southern poly for the theater, and thanks li qian and her entire choir for allowing us to perform in the show with them. Happy early chinese new years!

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