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Friday, February 5, 2010

When I got into sneakers

The other day, a friend asked me "When did you gett into sneakers?", because i commented on a facebook post she had of air jordan alpha 1's (which are ruining aj1 for me.....) She lives in LA, moved a few years ago, so its been awhile since we've seen each other. I've changed alot. Especially since freshman year. I've developed a sense of independence and a streak of isolation, that honestly has suited me well. Thats not to say that I dont like a crowd, but its just if im alone, whatever.

But yea, when did i get into sneakers? I'll have to say maybe about a year ago is when i religiously got into sneakers, and just fashion in general.

Top shoes

Supra Skytops- My regular dance shoes
Supra Societies- Fuck Yea
Supra Vaiders- Everyday wear
Puma First round- Classic shoes, just comfy and good lookin
AJ3- elephan print, comfortable, amazing design. My favorite nike shoe... probably

Clothing brands-
Orisue- FTH
Hanes vnecks

so yea.
Fashion changes with the seasons, but a sense of fashion never does.

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