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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Skytops for vaiders

I think I might sell my vaiders to get a pair of skytop black tuf. I need shoes to dance in, and vaiders arent cuttin it out for me. Maybe one day, I'll be able to afford shoes like a silly little bitch, but for now...

Shoe rant

I feel like alot of the shoe game has now become mad hype and retro-ing (ie nike). I feel like if they already released a shoe, buildin on that hype and restocking shit like copper's makes it really lame, cuz nowadays i see it like, everyone has a pair of shoes that was in some way a limited release. But as you go up the scale, all of a sudden we're lookin at the big sneakerheads. Its annoying.

And some of the shoes, especially air max 360's, maybe im not just not big enough of a sneakerhead to appreciate it, but its an ugly ass shoe, especially if u try and get it with an outfit. Sure i can appreciate shoes like kobe's cuz they made for bball, and jordans, man they just have extremely classic designs. But shit like the copper foams are just trash. Its a really ugly color. Sure i appreciate them for what they are, and thats basketball shoes, but as shit to rock on the street i think id feel kind of stupid. My dad used to say shoes are just shoes. Theres a right shoe for every moment.

And thats why i love Supra. Each shoe not only combines the ability to be worn in sports and for me dancing, but its somethin id definitely rock in a club. Supra combines wearability, looks, comfort, versatility, all into one package. Take the skytop black tuf, its the tuf material, great ankle support, i can wear it for dancing. Suprafoam is the greatest thing ever. But then again, i can wear that shit on the streets at night, and get compliments for it. Supra is really just on another level. Each shoe in itself is great.



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