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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Money is the issue

So yep, its begun. I'm gunna start hockin shit for shoes. Namely supras. Sellin my Nike CL Dunk Denims for around 90 since they arent ds, buts till clean
Gunna sell some old brand new chucks black and yellow for maybe lik 40, not really what anyones lookin for, but whatever. And sellin either my ipod or my zune, since i have both.

shoes I want
Military Green Skytop Tuf
Purple Tie Dye skytop

Some odd colorways that not too many people like, but i find a bit of appeal in no one having em. I could get burg skytops, but everyone has those... T.T I need the military green's for dancing, the tuf is gunna be a life saver for all my other shoes....

i hate bein poor. Damn

Plan for today:
See if i got anyone interested in buying, check up on Cherry to see if she got my money
Finish work
Samurai Champloo

Thats right bitches. Samurai Champloo


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