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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Update 2/21

Not been in a blogging mood lately, been sort of relaxing and thinkin.

So heres the update

Shoes- Skytop 2's are out of the picture, i really want a pair of tufs, cuz i could use em badly for dancing, my suedes cant handle the wear and tear anymore. White tuf looks really ugly especially against my gluestick colored legs.... So I've settled on military green skytop tufs. Too bad fuckin Wei still hasnt paid me. I feel like the past couple of weeks ive been chasing down people for crap that they owe me.... smh.

What else....

Sessioned with Cherry today, omgawd the weather was so good, and i didnt have a cig in hand to break in the new weather. So tomorrow imma skip the first 2 periods to finish and essay and buy some smokes. Yea its bad, but sometimes i just need some relaxin. I dont want it to become a habit again. I never really get addicted, it just feels good to have somethin to suck on no homo

But yea weather was amazing, so that 40 minute drive became me bumpin to two of my favorite summer songs. Fly by Sugar Ray, and Beautiful Day by FM. Talk about opposites. 10 year difference between the release of these two tracks, FM came about in my time, but Sugar Ray? Damn man i was just a kid, about 5 years old when Fly came around. I love how my musical taste can span this far. Anyways, session was good, Cherry is growin as a dancer, if anything at all shes picking up on some attitude which is what i stress alot. Monia couldnt make it, so we're definitely gunna have to make up for that. And Wei didnt give me money, so i hate him and Chen for that. Stupid asses. Ugh, i really wanted to order my shoes tomorrow... FUCK.

Anyways, yea nothin much, schools lazy, everythigns lazy.... yea


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