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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year, New Things

Soooo yea. This party was full of ups and downs. The New Years started off really bumpy, first 15 minutes, my mom knocked over a glass of champagne, Ashley's mom fell down dancing, and Chris almost knocked our over our hanging lamp. However, once everyone got a lil drunk, the madness started

Lets get some details down first. There are two groups. The young ones, and then the parents. The parents do the whole old school couple dance. They dont know "our" style of dance. Gettin crunk, gettin jiggy. So, me and Xiao get the idea to bring down my laptop and hook it up to the speakers, and we get a real party started. At first it was kinda iffy with the parents cuz we jerkin, and they're just starin at us like we retarted (no pun intended). So then I put on Cupid Shuffle, and Ash tried to get all the parents involved. And one thing led to another, the kids taught the adults how to do the Cupid Shuffle. Imagine about like 6 or 7 40 or 50 year old, some 60 year old Chinese people, born and raised in China, moved to America, doin the Cupid Shuffle

My parents are cooler than your parents.

After that, the adults wanted me to dance. They know I dance, but they dont know to what extent. Recently I had been practicin Where U At, and I only knew like up to the chorus. So I put it on, dance, wow them, and then Chris was like keep goin!!!

So I did

Freakin, it wasnt the best freestyle ever, but it was enough to impress them T.T

Yea I just watched the video. I have terrible posture. I suck. I need to lose weight, otherwise I look really bad dancing. ><
But mainly posture. One of my many new years resolutions. Get better posture. Lose weight and get a better body.

Get better grades



Anyways, awesome ways to start the New Year. Thank you everyone.


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