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Sunday, December 20, 2009


This weekend was more eventful than all my weekends in the last few months combined.

1. Bought my new Supra's at ambush. I was gunna get the tie dye purple skytops, but they didnt have my size (size 11.5 or 12 hint....) so i just got the Black Suede Vaiders. Not complainin though, they hella comfortable, and classy.

2. Picked up Azya from her shop, went to the mall, met up with some kids (her friends) I think Bryan, Joanna, And Kevin. Sky was there too, that buff ass kid. Apparantly breaking up with Stephanie made him obssesive with working out. I wish I had that kind of motivation to exercise.... FUCK

3. The kids piled into my car, and we headed over to Rusans! Saw Phong, but apparantly she goes by Adrian now. Havent seen her since I dated Jessica. Shes Sandy's big sis, so yea it was cool seein her.

4. Dropped the kids back off at the mall, and took Azya back to her house. And right when i get home, its off to another thing for my dads old company.

5. The dinner was crazy, this 20 dollar asian japanese, korean, chinese buffet. Actually, it wasnt that great, the old Badayori was better.... There was one guy though, goin OFF! Like, 10 plates of food, the amount that gets you kicked out.....


1. Met up with James and went to the studio. Cherry wanted James to teach her some more popping, shes really into it. I just practiced. Got some good practice down, and for once, a mirror didnt kill my style. Just gotta maintain it, and i'll be happy. I really like where i am right now.

2. Went over to Hanssen's house ( right down the street) to hang with him, Supum, and Mark. The usual suspects. Anyways, played some Halo 3, Supum is a douche with the Banshees, then played some rock band, then watched Catch Me if You Can, Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. BADASS MOVIE. Cant believe I never watched it.

3. Then went to Abdallah's, havent seen him in awhile. Hung out with him, slept over.


1. Played some CoD MF with Abdallah, went to Chili's with him and his bro, Aladdin. Pretty fun, only Aladdin almost got us kicked out cause he didnt take his ADHD medication.... crazy ass fucker.

2. Went home, did this and that, then for dinner, a bottle of bekseju, some tombstone pizza (BEST), and some watermelon. Fell asleep at like 7, and like 3 people called me and kept wakin me up.... CHERRY, JAMES, ABDALLAH.... you fuckers.... And yea woke up, and here I am!

Tomorrow- Practice with James and Tim, gunna see how the battle situation with Runaway Crew reps work out, then hopefully me and James got that gig at Cherry's mom's work. FUN FUN FUN WEEK

Everybody stay safe, and get your Christmas shopping done early!


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