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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Break

Well, I had expected to blog everyday, atleast every two days ish just to keep up, but i got lazy, and tired as fuck. So now I'm going to do a quick run through.

First couple of days- ie sunday through monday ish

Chilled with James, caught up with alot of shit. He pisses me off sometimes, but hes gunna be a homey for life.
Also hung out with Supum and Mark, been awhile since we've done that. Played some CoD, Marvel Alliance, and brought it back old-school when i whipped out my N64. Got our SSB on, and as usual I rocked.

Pics? Not as many as i thought there would be. Why? Keep reading

Dudes got a nice nissan....

Target... Look at him matching

Havin some old fun at Hmart-
Soju man: Inside joke....

Korean resturant, not bad, but they cant spell. Blood became bllod


he looks so sweaty



In hmart


No homo: Me left, james right


I went to see a movie with my baby... Dont really remember how most of the movie went. Hehehe. Couples Retreat is basically Shes just not that into you minus a million. That movie was the shit. Scarlett Johansen... YES

Then went to the mall, and spent 60 dollars on a brush set for her. Didnt know brushes were that fucking expensive. Kinda blows my mind. But w.e

Marias Bday/ Thanksgiving. Didnt take any pics, too busy just catchin up with people. Havent seen Xiao since forever. Hes a big guy now, always workin and travelling. Havent seen Ashley in awhile either. Shes a sophmore or junior at gt, i forgot. Anyways, Ive missed the fam, it was good to catch up. Ashley joked that now there were 3 dancers in our family. Her, Maria, and Me. She just started dancing, atleast seriosly. Some director thing in her sorority.

Friday- Black Friday! So the story is that the night before, well more like 2 in the morning on thursday, I was talking to by girl on Skype. I use a regular desktop, dell, got it a few years ago, not too bad, got a video card upgrade. And I got a bad ass monitory, Samsung wide screen. So that night, all of a sudden, my fucking monitor blows on me. Like just out. Ionno why, but i tried different sockets, didnt work, replaced the power cable with another, didnt work. Fuck it. Next morning I'm at best buy, gunna buy a new monitor on black friday. And I go in, and guess what i come out with?

Yea sucka! (Btw thats me typin up this blog :P)

Looks better in hq, but my camera isnt that great.

Party at Xiao's, ash didnt make it, but Fan did. Fan is Xiaos old friend, they were roomates in GT, and he lives like 2 minutes from Xiao's. The both old as hell, almost 30. But yea a new big bro. We went to Fans house cuz all the kids were playin games on Xiao's tv. We watched the GT UGA game. Bey bey Thomas.... no comment.

Today, just gunna be practicing, getting some work done.

Thanksgiving to me is about just enjoying some of the finer things in life. I've never been one to be like oh give thanks this give thanks that on thanksgiving. I dont need a holiday to be thankful for what i have in life. I do that everyday. Everyday, i just imagine, if i didnt have the people that i do in my life, where would i be. If i had never met Christina, would I have discovered my passion for dancing. If my parents had never given me the lenience to further myself as a person, would i have developed? If I had never met Anny, would my life be as full of passion and motivation as i do now? Just, so much stuff to think about, so many people to thank, it doesnt take one day. It takes a lifetime to be thankful for everything you've got.

So hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving, cuz its time to lose all that weight. I gained 5 pounds when I was trying to lose weight. Time to exercise more and watch what i eat. SMH......

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