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Monday, November 9, 2009

Update? Long Week Ahead

So last week my class was a pretty good success. Overall the kids follow choreography well, even if their basics are down in the dumps. I blame the teacher before me ><

This week.... what do I have on my checklist this week

Research paper for lit. God I hate that class. I've never gotten below an A in lit, then all of a sudden I'm failing that shit.

Class this Thursday. I'm debating whether to teach them basic breaking, if i even qualify to teach breaking for that matter. But I really wanna give em some of that old school shit, you know, rock steady, boogaloo, lockers, rather than just that conventional hip hop they are used to.

Catch up on sleep. I have this thing where i need atleast 10 hours of sleep one night a week. But so far its been a good 3 weeks since I've gotten atleast one night of 10 hours of sleep.

Study for my classes in general. Last stretch. Gotta work hard

Lit group project. This bitch is so damn tough. A research paper thats like worth 8 times, and a video project. Its ridiculous

Finally, I gotta get together my one month gift for Anny. Its gunna take alooot of time and alot of effort. But like I told her. Shes worth every dollar from my wallet, every particle of energy, every brainwave used, and every hour of sleep lost. Shes worth it.

Anyways, this week its gunna be kinda lonely. Shes got a ton of stuff, wont go into that.

"If even God had problems dealing with his children, Adam and Eve, how do you expect to do better as a father?"
My dad should take a page from Bill Cosby....

I've really been getting into Community Channel. Natalie Nguyen is the coolest person ever. Hands down. She talks about stuff all of us can relate to. And she makes it funny. And in some weird, creepy way, shes really attractive....

Wish me luck on a hectic week.

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