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Saturday, November 14, 2009


So I've really been into Kpop lately, life seriously, I'm on allkpop.com all day, even during class. This trend with kpop using electronica is suprisingly catchy. All the Americans are getting tired of the whole like Tpain shit and autotune, and even Jay-z had to step up and take that shit down.
But Korea is thriving on this. Girl groups poppin up everywhere, Rainbow just debuted, even Nam Hyun Joon has his own group that debuted like yesterday on music bank. Course it sucked, just like everything else NHJ has done other than dancing....
Its catchy, and i think Korea's idol system is alot different than america's. Not better, just different :P

Yea I like it better

But anyways, been keeping up with dancing, need to meet up with some people and session soon and show off some choreography. Its been too long, but school has just been tough. Today in phsychology, we took stress tests, and i scored a 460, which is 310 points higher than danger zone. 150 is where theres a 50-60 percent chance of change in your health.... and i scored a 460. Kind of depressing. Anyways!

Tomorrow, or rather today, I'm gunna go see my girl, watch some office, drink some coffee.... Then its lil Ray Ray's bday! Havent seen the Chinese fam in ages, it be cool to see some of em again. Too bad Xiao and Ash cant make it though, but I'll see em soon.

Good night everyone! Stay safe!

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