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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Almost T-giving break!

So these last two days before Thanksgiving Break are gunna be a sunovabitch. I'm currently halfway through day 1. I didnt get to print my damn tshirt in graph arts, i was gunna wear it to class today.

Class.... what to say. I need to focus more on teaching rather than just showing them what to do. I wanna nurture some real dancers out of that group. Idc if Mr. Wei doesnt like it, thats my ultimate goal. And get paid. Definately.... Cuz God knows I need some new shoes. I think I might get some this weekend. Maybe some Vans. Somethin canvas, somethin simple and nice.

I've been feelin a bit romantic lately. Dunno why, but i guess its just that need for companionship.

Continuing on the last two days....
Then I gotta finish my research paper, and then turn it in tomorrow. Then I'm free. Gunna go to the mall Friday, get something for my girl, maybe somethin for myself if budget allows, and then DANCE. Choreography has been my strongpoint lately, but its been awhile since I've got a session down. Also I wanna get a collab thing goin on.... But yea i'll update later, lunch bell just rang, gotta go!

Stay Safe!

So, when I should be working and finishing my research paper, I'm online blogging. Thats just what I need. But I need somewhere to vent and rant. Its 2:40 in the freakin morning....

Anyways, todays class went pretty well. I think it was different. I really connected with the people, and I think I inspired a few people for a few hours... which is enough to keep me going. I think I've found my stride in terms of teaching. Lead by example, but make sure they get room for creativity. Theres some real dancers brewing in my class. I feel like dancing right now has become more of way for me to relax and to truly connect with music on a different level. Like sure, I can go boogaloo on everyone, get into locking, do some toprock, but in the end, I just wanna move the way I wanna move to any music thats on. Thats it. The fact that I'm getting paid to teach people what I love doing simply astounds me. Like, I never would of thought I'd get anywhere with dance, much less a job. But its only the beginning. Like I said, I'm gettin paid junk, but I couldnt care less. I'm doing what I love. Thats more than enough pay.

Anyways tomorrow, thinking about sessioning with James if hes got time. Its gunna be hella akward. Then maybe I might hit the mall, just go around, see whats there. Who knows. But I miss my girl. Damn I miss her. This break is gunna be a good one, I just know it.

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