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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The World is Mine for the Takin

"The world is mine for the taking, make me king."

Eminem said that once, and I think that really struck a chord with me. Lately I've been thinkin about my dream to be a dancer. I remember when I started, it was just to be cool. Lookin back on that, I'm slightly regretful that I didnt take it seriously til i met a girl that i loved. But thats over, and now its become my life. I recently (today) got a job as a dance teacher at a Chinese dance school my friend goes to. This is such a big step for me. With ABDC and all those dance shows around, dancing has become something anyone can appreciate. But then theres the predicament. Do I want to teach others and spread my knowledge? Or do I wanna hog it and become the best.
Thats when I realized that its not about bein the best in world, but bein the best dancer I can be. I found a new interpretation for that quote. The world is mine for the taking. I am the world. I am my own world. I need to conquer myself, and that is honestly the most I can do for myself and the world. And I owe it to the world to give back what it has given to me.

Also I've reconciliated with my ex. I've accepted it. And I'm movin on with life.

Deep, right?

Cant wait til Thursday, first class! I'll upload some pictures.... I'm debating whether I should do choreography for Lollipop- Big Bang ft 2NE1, or Uptown- Drake ft Bun B and Lil Wayne.....

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